#RomanticTuesday 8-23-16

Hi everyone! Happy Tuesday! Today’s Romantic Tuesday song is Alicia Key’s “Un-thinkable (I’m Ready).” Alicia Keys has several romantic songs so it was hard to only pick one. A lot of her songs have beautiful lyrics and a great piano sound. I can’t say enough good things about her but…I think she’s extremely talented! I can tell her songs come from the heart. I’ve liked this song since it was released in 2009. Listening to it gives me goosebumps sometimes. The video I included also has the song’s lyrics. I’m excited to see Alicia Keys as a Voice coach this season. Have a great Tuesday, everyone! I’ll be back Wednesday with 915 Art (maybe?):) If you don’t see me on Wednesday, I’ll be back Friday.   

Monday Song 8-22-16

Hi everyone! I hope your Monday was good. I didn’t feel well so I relaxed. Today I’m taking you back to 1992 (again) with Red Hot Chili Pepper’s “Under the Bridge.” I always enjoy listening to this one whenever I’m stuck in heavy traffic or I’m under the weather. I’m not really sure why but this song always relaxes me. Wikipedia says the song is about loneliness, despondency and narcotics. The song peaked at number 2 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1992. It was also certified as a platinum hit. This was the break through hit for the Red Hot Chili Peppers to make into the mainstream rock music scene. Do you have a song that makes you feel better or relaxed? Enjoy your evening/day! I’ll be back Tuesday with a song for Romantic Tuesday. 

Goodbye Rio Olympics

Rio Closing Ceremony

Hi everyone. I was sad to see the summer Olympics end on Sunday night. Despite several challenges in Rio, this was probably one of my favorite Olympiads to watch. I enjoyed watching the games with my loved ones for the past 17 days. My favorite sports are gymnastics, swimming and track. The U.S. dominated in these and several other sports. I enjoyed watching the U.S. women’s gymnastics team compete. It was exciting to see them win gold! Michael Phelps and Katie Ledecky were my favorite swimmers to watch!  Jamaica’s Usain Bolt was also great in the 100 and 200-meter sprints. It was also nice to see the U.S. men and women win gold in basketball. Although I didn’t catch any of the football (soccer) matches, Brazil won gold. Soccer is a huge part of life there so I’m happy they won. 

The U.S. took home 121 medals. China had 70 medals and Great Britain 67. I’m not happy about waiting another four years for the games to start again in Tokyo. In eight years (2024) they will be held in either Boston, Los Angeles, San Francisco or Washington. I hope I can attend in eight years. How about you, did you catch any part of the Olympics? What were your favorite sports to watch? What did you like and/or dislike about the Rio Games?

Photo from Rio2016.com

Yup, The Grays Are Coming In!


Hi everyone! I hope your Sunday is going well! In less than a month, I’ll be 35! Guess what? I’m kind of freaked out by it! I don’t think I’ve accomplished everything I’ve wanted to in life yet.:/ I have a list of goals I hope to accomplish by the time I’m 40. I still want to write a book, get married, travel a lot more, keep writing, take my son to more places, etc.   

In recent months, I’ve noticed more gray hair mixed in with my dark brown almost black hair! Yikes! I’m thinking of dyeing my hair my natural color. A good friend tells you the truth, even if you don’t want to hear it. I didn’t want to hear that I have gray hair at work the other day but I did! My friend said something like “Oh look you have more gray hair on the back and side of your head.” I couldn’t believe it so I just said yea I know, this job does it to me…and you’re adding to it (just kidding I didn’t say you’re adding to it but I was kind of thinking it). My hair stylist even told me you’re getting more gray hairs, you should add color to it. Ugh, I never thought these days would ever come! 

Even though I’ve dyed my hair before, I don’t want to dye it another color like light brown or red. It’s such a pain dyeing hair a different color, especially when the roots start growing back. I know they sell all kinds of junk to touch up your roots but it just seems like such a burden! My hair grows really fast! I usually get a haircut once a month because I have bangs. My hair starts coming back wavy. I’ve heard the old wives tale… the one that says you shouldn’t pluck them out because three more gray hairs will grow in its place. It’s not true! Guess what I spent my Saturday night doing? Hey, that’s actually another sign of getting older…when you don’t go out or do anything on a Saturday night! Who knows? I might just dye my hair gray but then there’s my damn dark brown roots! Decisions, decisions!   

Photo from Pinterest

Sunday Song 8-21-16

Hi everyone and Happy Sunday! I hope your weekend is going well! Today I’m taking you back to 1991 with one of my all-time favorite songs, “Nothing Else Matters” by Metallica. “Nothing Else Matters” is on their self-titled album (the black album). To this day, the black album is still one of my favorite rock/heavy metal albums. The album turned 25 on Aug. 12. According to the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), 16 million copies of the album have been sold in the U.S. alone. It ranks number 21 on the list of best selling albums. I was 10 when the album was released. “Nothing Else Matters” has been covered by at least 40 different artists worldwide. Wikipedia says Metallica’s lead singer and guitarist James Hetfield wrote the song while he was on the phone with his then girlfriend. He held the phone with one hand and played the guitar with the other. If that’s not true talent then I don’t know what is!

I had the opportunity to see Metallica live with Godsmack back in 2004 at the America West Arena in Phoenix (the name of the place recently changed to Talking Stick Resort Arena) The seven-hour drive there was worth every minute! This was one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to in my life so far. My ears wouldn’t stop ringing and buzzing three days after the show:) Metallica has toured through El Paso and Las Cruces, New Mexico in the early 90’s. I found this pretty cool piano and cello cover on YouTube. I didn’t really like any of the other covers I came across. None of them came close to the original. I also included the original. What do you think of the instrumental cover and the original song? Do you have any favorite Metallica songs and/or albums? Do you think anyone else has covered Metallica’s songs pretty well? Feel free to leave your comments in the comments section. Have a great Sunday, everyone and I’ll be back later.   

Saturday Evening Interview 8-20-16

Hi everyone! I hope your Saturday is going well! Today’s Saturday Evening Interview is with fellow blogger and new blogging buddy, Roberta Pimentel. I enjoy reading Roberta’s blog all the time! She blogs about her life in Norway, being positive and lots more! This month, Roberta started her Be My Guest project. She’s allowed several bloggers (including me twice :)) to participate. Roberta is still looking for guest bloggers for her BMG project. If you’re interested in participating, please click on her name to check out/follow her blog. Roberta created a vlog on YouTube on Friday and… I’m sharing it with you here! Please help me welcome Roberta to my fluffy couch and Life of an El Paso Woman! There’s plenty of food and drinks for everyone! 
ME: How long have you been writing?I had a blog before where I was not very active. If I include that blog I have been blogging for 2.5 years. I got really active when I started to build my own platform and I just love it.
ME: What made you decide to start blogging? Tell us more about your blog and what it’s about. I had a difficult time in my life when I started to blog and thought that blogging would help me to think of something else. It was not always easy. However, I wanted to share some of my experiences and affect people with positive thoughts. My blog is about personal experiences and positive energy.
ME: What are your goals for your blog? I want to be sincere and state that my plans are to be able to making blogging my main income. I want to work with only a few sponsors since I don’t want to have all kinds of propaganda on my blog.
ME: Tell us about your latest project with other bloggers, BMG (Be My Guest). Why did you decide to do it?  I think it is nice to support one another and treat everyone here as good colleagues. I believe in team work and (to) not treat one another as competitors. I cheer for everyone at WordPress. BMG is a project where people can promote their blogs while I keep my blog active as well and in that way we are helping one another.
Roberta Pimentel
ME: You’re pretty new at blogging yet you already have a huge audience on WordPress and social media. How did you accomplish this? What advice would you offer to new bloggers? I don’t have a recipe how to get a huge audience but I can reveal what I have done. I am always myself 100% and I don’t try to be someone else. Of course I try to visit as many bloggers as possible and in that way I get a lot of visitors as well. I always say positive things and if I don’t have anything positive to say then it is better to say nothing at all. So my advice is to be yourself.
ME: If you had to describe yourself in one word, which one would it be and why? Strong. I have had some bad experiences which have made me very strong where I had to fight my way back to life again.
ME: What’s one of your favorite quotes in life and why? “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take” by Wayne Gretzky. Life is all about taking opportunities and you will never win if don’t dare to take them.
ME: What are you doing if you aren’t blogging? I am going to the gym, using (spending) time with my friends, going to work.
ME: If I was visiting your hometown, what what you recommend doing for fun? Well, Stavanger is not a big city but there is a lot of nature nearby. For people (who) loving (love) the nature, they will have the chance to have some beautiful trips. Besides, there are festivals and concerts that you can attend.
ME: Is there anything else you would like to add? I want to thank (you) for the opportunity of being interviewed by you and that I have the chance to be promoted on your blog. I would love to get feedback from the people. I believe in developing my blog and there is no better way of doing that than getting feedback from the people reading it. Please have a visit https://robertapimentel.com.

El Paso Music- Metafisix

Hi everyone and Happy Saturday! Today I’m including El Paso alternative hip-hop artist Metafisix (Ray Varela). Metafisix has been around the El Paso music scene for more than 10 years! Back in 2004 or 05, I remember writing a story about him and other El Paso underground music artists for What’s Up Weekly. Even though Metafisix and Zyme One have their own solo projects, they typically perform together as Fuya Radio. Zyme One has been featured here a couple of times. Based on the Fuya Radio video I included, I can tell the guys have a great time making music…solo or together! Fuya Radio has a couple of local shows this month and next. What do you think of the sound? Feel free to leave comments. 

Me & Pay it Forward Guest Post

Hi everyone! I hope your Saturday is going well! I want to thank fellow blogger Roberta Pimentel for letting me guest post in her blog for the second time. Roberta is looking for guest bloggers for her “Be My Guest” series until September 10. If you’re interested in guest blogging, check out her blog and contact her. You can take a look/follow her blog here. Please stay tuned here for my Saturday Evening Interview with Roberta later today. If you’ve been following me for awhile, you might remember me blogging about Pay it Forward in the past. In case you missed it, here it is. So, have you ever had any Pay it Forward experiences? Please feel free to share in the comments section.


Hi everyone! I want to thank Roberta for allowing me to guest post on her blog for the second time. She asked me to write about me and my blog. I’ll tell you a little bit about myself and then talk about Pay it Forward.

My name is Lisa Amaya and I’m a 34-year-old blogger/freelance writer from El Paso, Texas. El Paso is the sixth largest city in Texas. It’s a border town that’s 45 minutes away from Ciudad Juarez, Mexico and Las Cruces, New Mexico. El Paso has a rich Hispanic/Latino culture. Eighty-two percent of El Paso’s population is Hispanic. There’s no place quite like home! We have delicious Mexican food, beautiful art, about 300 days of sunshine every year, friendly people, nice mountains and lots more!

I’m a single mom to my 10-year-old son, Jacob. I started my blog, Life of an El Paso Woman on Feb. 25, 2015 after a five-year hiatus from writing. I started writing stories at 6 years old. My blog is about my hometown, the people and places here, music, the Hispanic culture, current events, etc. Aside from blogging, I enjoy spending time with loved ones, attending concerts, gardening, reading, traveling, music, Netflix, watching sports (I’m a die hard Dallas Cowboys fan!) and eating. I’m a 2004 journalism graduate from New Mexico State University. I’ve written for various newspapers and magazines over the years. You can check out/follow my blog at: http://www.lifeofanelpasowoman.com I hope to see you there!:)

Pay it Forward has become a beautiful trend worldwide. It’s happened to me, my family and a friend! According to the Pay it Forward Foundation, the movement was started in 2000 by Catherine Ryan Hyde. She’s also the author of  the book, “Pay it Forward.” The philosophy of Pay it Forward is to perform random acts of kindness for strangers in order to create a caring society. Kevin Spacey, Helen Hunt and Jon Bon Jovi star in the 2000 “Pay it Forward” movie.

Me and my family have had our lunch paid for by complete strangers at fast food restaurants. A good Samaritan once paid for a friend of mine’s groceries. I forgot my debit card at home and the cashier allowed me to leave the restaurant without paying. Me and my family will never forget those days. A kind gesture like this can go a long way. It can also make someone’s day for a long time! Although I haven’t tried it yet, I would like to purchase someone’s breakfast or lunch via the drive-thru window, especially at Starbucks.

Larry Hinkle

My day job requires me to help customers purchase advertising and answer questions in the lobby. I always meet all kinds of people. I recently had the opportunity to meet Larry Hinkle. Larry is doing wonderful things for veterans. He is a former marine who completed three overseas tours of duty. He and two other veterans are walking more than 2,600 miles to help veterans. They began their walk at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina on April 3, 2016. They hope to reach Camp Pendleton, California in 26 weeks. They organized 10 vet-togethers around the U.S. The vet-togethers is a grass roots approach that helps veterans with life and necessities. I was fascinated by their wonderful story! You can take a look at his web site here. How about you, have you ever had a Pay it Forward experience? Please feel free to share in the comments section.

Photos from Google Search


Friday Song, etc. 8-19-16

Hi everyone! I hope your Friday is going well! I didn’t have such a great week but I made the best of it. I’m looking forward to resting a lot this weekend. Work was really difficult! I also dealt with some other things in my life. I had a really hard time falling asleep last night! I couldn’t stop tossing and turning! My neck keeps on hurting! I recently found out I have two herniated discs from the car accident I was in this past March. This is another reason why I’m getting headaches. I’m still going to therapy a few times a week and I’m glad it’s helping. I enjoyed the neck massage I received on Wednesday afternoon. There are no words to describe it! I’m getting a shot next Friday. I hope there is some relief in sight!

Since I’ve been kind of sad and in pain, I decided to go with this song. Do any songs remind you of someone from your past? This song is one of many for me. If you’ve been following me for a few months, you might remember the letter I wrote to my former best friend. In case you missed it, you can check it out here. I usually don’t think about her that often until recently. This song was played on the radio the other day and it instantly reminded me of her. I remember her always playing it in her car. She said it was one of her favorite songs at the time. It’s funny how a certain song or place can bring back memories. Have a good rest of the day, everyone! I’ll be back Saturday with local music and a Saturday Evening Interview.

Wednesday Song 8-17-16

Hi everyone! I usually don’t include music on Wednesdays but for some reason this song (and other Sting songs) were stuck in my head today! This has always been a relaxing song for me. Today was a pretty long day. Work wasn’t fun at all (is it ever? I’m sure at some places it is.). On the plus side, I got a really nice massage on my neck at therapy this afternoon. Today I’m taking you back to 1993 with Sting’s “If I Ever Lose My Faith in You.” I’ve always enjoyed Sting’s soothing voice. I also included Lady Gaga’s live cover of the song. Warning: She kind of screams a lot in this song but it’s still pretty good. I also threw in a “Stand By Me” cover by Sting and Lady Gaga from the 2011 iHeart Music Festival. I enjoyed it so I want to share it with you here. I’ll be back on Friday with more music!