Salt-N-Pepa– A big part of my childhood

By Lisa Amaya
To this day, I remember Salt-N-Pepa’s big hits, “Push It” “Let’s Talk about Sex”, “Whatta Man” and my all-time favorite, “Shoop” blaring on the radio in my mom’s (then my) 1988 maroon Honda Civic or on my boom box. I kid you not, my neighborhood friend, Kristen and me knew every single word to “Shoop.”  I can’t even explain the excitement and adrenaline I’d get whenever the song came out on the radio. The song usually aired on El Paso’s Power 102 while we hung out in Kristen’s garage or I was cleaning my room. I even remember falling asleep to that song while silently hearing it on a smaller radio. “Whatta Man” was my second favorite song from the hip-hop female trio from Queens. It’s both crazy and amazing the trio is still making waves on Geico commercials with “Push It.”

“Shoop” brings back memories from my pre-teen years. I was a very shy and awkward, 12-year-old in 6th grade at Slider Middle School in El Paso’s eastside. I thought I was cool because I usually hung out with my friend Kristen and her tough chola (gangster/thug) 8th grade friends. For some odd reason, I never really got along with anyone in my 6th grade class except for one or two girls, I forget. The girls in my 6th grade class were the bullying type, conceited and mean. All they cared about was wearing makeup and kissing boys. I had crushes on boys  but that wasn’t the only thing I cared about. I really didn’t start making new friends in my class until I got to 7th grade.

Anyway fast forward 20 + years and I see it on My Facebook newsfeed the ladies will be in town next Saturday for a FREE, that’s right I didn’t make a mistake, concert at the Socorro Entertainment Center at 6 p.m. It’s only $10 for 20 and under. I’m debating if I should take my 9-year-old son to the concert. I doubt he’d want to go plus it’s probably inappropriate. The ladies are Grammy, MTV and BET award winners. My friend Kathleen, who’s ironically been my friend since 7th grade (Kristen is still also my friend by the way) asked if I wanted to go so I’m pretty sure we’ll go. I am already picturing what to expect as I sit here and eat a Whataburger! I’m wondering who and what the crowd will be like. I’m wondering if I’ll bump into some more familiar faces. Life is good!

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