Meet El Pasoan JAM!, Former Betsey Johnson Employee Turned CEO

A huge turning point in JAM!’s career was working as a fashion stylist for Betsey Johnson while living in Los Angeles. JAM! said he was fortunate to work for the fashion designer whose well-known for her colorful handbags and clothing. He had the opportunity to style women for runway and award shows, along with everyday life. JAM!, creator and CEO of his own fashion line, Dream Chasers Club, is opening up his own place in El Paso sometime next month (I’ll keep you posted on the exact date when the info. is available). Although he already sells DCC products online, he will be located at 200 South Santa Fe, about one block away from the El Paso Chihuahuas baseball stadium. JAM! said he has a huge amount of support, especially in California. Besides online, his merchandise is also sold in L.A. and local venues. “DCC is an urban culture high-end clothing brand. We have tees (t-shirts), hats, men’s and women’s apparel, accessories, home decor and art, JAM! said.” “The brand is constantly evolving and growing and we have something for everyone.”


Urban Beauty

JAM! said he’s always wanted his clothing line to be ‘cool, affordable and trend setting.’ Even though JAM! sponsors musicians and his parents help out at times, DCC is a one man operation. JAM! takes care of everything from marketing his products to shipping them.

“The main motto for DCC is chase dreams not money! I want to inspire and encourage people to go after what they’re passionate about in life and not focus on money. Money will lead you astray but if you stay focused, goal-oriented, passionate and honest, success will come to you.”

While living in L.A., the 31-year-old’s artwork was featured at various art galleries there. He also participated in several art projects including the Mile Mural Project. One of his canvas pieces traveled the world.

“I really started to make my dream a reality. I’ve always had a passion for art and fashion. Opportunities in El Paso were limited in these industries.”


My favorite t-shirt! It’s only $15!

Since JAM! returned from L.A. and the East Coast, he is very active in the El Paso art community. He participates in various exhibits and gallery openings along with international art shows. JAM! helps out at the Pop Up Mercado (this will be a post for me at a later time) in downtown El Paso on Saturdays. The market is held outside of Tabla Restaurant in Union Plaza. As if all of this isn’t enough! JAM! is also working on an adult coloring book with artists from El Paso and L.A. He is an illustrator for The Art Avenue, a magazine in El Paso. For more info., you can check out the DCC web site at:


  1. Cool thank you! It’s right by my day job so if I’m not working too late I will stop by. I added it on my Facebook page for Life of an El Paso Woman too!


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