El Paso Food Delivery Service takes off Nationwide

Chico’s anyone?

Although I’ve eaten Mexican food from different U.S. cities (I’ve even had some from Juarez, Mexico many moons ago), I have to brag about El Paso’s. My grandma and mom’s cooking rank at the very top of the list. I think El Paso has some of the best Mexican food in the country because of the unique flavors and textures. Bland tasting food in El Paso is typically unheard of. Los Angeles and Las Cruces, New Mexico tie for a very close second when it comes to carrying tasty, authentic Mexican food.

Some say Chico’s Tacos isn’t real Mexican food but almost everyone I know likes it. If I remember correctly, Chico’s Tacos was featured on the Food Network sometime back. My friends and family from out of town sometimes talk about craving the ground beef rolled tacos drenched in tomato sauce and bright orange shredded cheese. Some like the spicy green chile on top of the tacos, along with a side order of French fries. For some reason, the rolled tacos don’t taste the same when they’re made at home.

Since beginning Food Flight this past January, owner Leila Melendez and her husband have so far shipped more than 500 double orders of Chico’s Tacos nationwide. Melendez said the furthest orders went to Alaska and Hawaii recently. Each double order includes six rolled tacos (don’t forget the tomato sauce and cheese, green chile is optional). If my math’s correct, that’s 3,000 rolled tacos in a matter of almost three months! Besides Chico’s Tacos, Melendez also ships Peyton’s Chorizo (another El Paso staple), tamales, menudo and asadero cheese. This Friday at noon (Mountain Standard Time).


Mexican cookies and candies (photo courtesy of Food Flight)

will be the last time she and her family ship these foods out due to the warmer temperatures. Don’t worry Melendez plans on offering them next winter.

“Despite all of the ice packs we can fit in the package, we’re concerned the items won’t stay frozen or chilled, she said.”

Four double orders of Chico’s Tacos cost $28.99 + $15.99 for shipping. Two dozen tamales is $37.99 +$15.99 shipping.

Within the next few weeks, Melendez will offer a summer lineup, which will include the following:

Pan dulce (Mexican sweet bread), tortillas and Mexican cookies and candy. Melendez also plans on selling green chile once it’s in season. Food Flight is always open for suggestions.

“I am also in the process of creating a military member care package. I know a lot of families send items to their service members abroad. Being arm in arm with Ft. Bliss, it makes sense to create an “El Paso” care package.”

Ericka Milliren, a former El Paso resident, said even though she isn’t a Chico’s Tacos fan, she misses the tamales, menudo and candy from Mexico and El Paso.

“Heck yeah, most definitely I would order menudo and tamales, the Sharon, Pennsylvania resident said.”

The Melendez family take orders at noon on Fridays. The goodies are shipped out on Tuesday or Wednesday and received within two days. Right now the couple doesn’t deliver locally or internationally. However, these may be options at a later time. Melendez said she will continue to work full-time as the finance and administrative director at Workforce Solutions Borderplex.

“We’ve been proud to receive so much positive support and well wishes from locals and El Paso expats that can’t wait to get their hands on food from home. We know it’s the nostalgia and memories that can’t be replaced. We’re just glad to have been able to find a way to reconnect them with El Paso.  We’re really excited for the potential, Melendez said.”



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