Review- Thirsty: A brief ILLUSTRATED guide to desert herbs by Kaya Papaya

A couple of things I liked about Thirsty were the following:  it was very informative and it’s probably one of the shortest books I’ve ever read (besides the children’s books I’ve read to my son). The book is only 59 pages. It was so interesting and informative, I finished it in about 45 minutes. A couple of other pluses was it’s affordable and it’s now an e-book that’s saved on my phone ( it’s only $2.99 on Amazon). The illustrations were cute and colorful.

To be honest, I’d rather use herbs and plants to cure myself instead of pain killers or over the counter meds. Growing up, my grandma and mom at times used yerbas (herbs) to cure me and my family. For example, Kaya writes about using aloe Vera to relieve a sunburn. My grandma would cut a piece of Aloe Vera in half. She rubbed the plant’s clear juice on my sunburn and/or burn from the (plancha) iron or curling iron. Although Yerba Buena (the good herb or mint) isn’t one of Kaya’s favorite herbs, I love it! I love how it tastes in a hot tea. I recall my mom or grandma making it to cure a stomachache. Kaya recommends mint for keeping away the bugs in your home and/or garden, along with curing headaches, allergies and asthma. Mint is also good for curing nausea and recharging your brain. The good thing about mint is that it pretty much grows anywhere but prefers shady and moist environments.

Kaya recommends chamomile and lavender to relax and sleep better. Before reading the book, I didn’t know chamomile is also good for curing burns and softening skin. Lavender is also used as an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory.

Damiana, a shrub with small yellow flowers, was used as an aphrodisiac by the Mayans. It stimulates testosterone in men and fights infertility and balances hormones in women. It can also soothe and strengthen the brain and nervous system. Damiana was thought to be the original margarita liqueur in Mexico.

Kaya also writes about nopales (cacti) with tunas (prickly pears) and jalapeños. Jalapeños are great for clearing the sinuses and allergies. Nopales and tunas are good for digestion and regulating blood sugar. She provides a good how to guide if you’re interested in going into the desert and grabbing them. First and foremost, don’t forget gloves!

Kaya also provides an informative step by step guide on how to cultivate your own garden inside or outside of your home. Kaya writes about other fruits and herbs such as oregano, lemon and lime. For only $2.99, you can’t go wrong with reading and buying it. It provides a wealth of information!

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