Texas Girls According to Cosmopolitan

Yes I agree with some of it but not a lot of it. I must admit I love spicy tacos and chile because I grew up on it. It’s a big part of my cultura (culture/way of life). We also have pretty good barbecue. Just by the way this piece is written, I’m guessing she’s from Austin or somewhere close to it. I sometimes catch myself saying Ya’ll but not that often. Here in El Paso, my gente (people) speak Spanglish, a mix of Spanish and English. I don’t wear cowboy boots or even own a pair. I have boots but not cowboy boots. The girl says it’s hot and it is! It’s dry hot here not humid like most of Texas. We live in the desert here not in a swamp or green area. We have beautiful mountains here too! What can I say? El Paso is El Paso! It’s unique and beautiful in its own way. There aren’t blue bonnets here either! We have beautiful yellow poppies in the Franklin Mountains, along with cacti and prickly pears.


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