Close to 1,000 Students take part in 8th Annual James Butler Spring Games

Jacob after his race.

Nearly 1,000 gathered at the Socorro Activities Complex in east El Paso on Wednesday to cheer on their favorite track and field athletes. The special needs athletes ranged in age from about 3 to 18. The athletes took part in several walking, running and field events.

This is the fourth year my 9-year-old son, Jacob participated. My third grader does not have any physical disabilities. He is enrolled in a special education class because I want him to continue improving his speech and reading skills.

I meant to write about Jacob winning first place (for the second year in a row) in the 100 meter dash yesterday but boy was it a busy day for him and myself! To top it off, I was a bit under the weather. I can’t stress enough how proud I am of him! My son was all by himself in his race! Besides wanting to eat a lot of pizza and snacks before the race, (I caved in and let him eat half a hot dog, a small slice of pizza and a tiny powdered doughnut) all he kept saying all morning long is “I want to win, I want to win first place.” My grandma and me just kept telling him to try his very best. It was an amazing feeling to greet and hug him at the finish line! Prior to him tearing through the finish line, I kept shouting, “Come on Jacob, come on Jacob, you got this!” I’m also glad my mom left work early to watch him run.

It is amazing how fast kids grow up! I can still remember it like it was yesterday when we took him home from the hospital, the first time we bathed him in the kitchen sink, the first day of school, our Disney World trip, the list goes on! My Jacob is growing up to become a very intelligent and well-behaved young man. For the most part he also gets good grades in school. I cannot take all of the credit for it because I have an amazing support system. Since I usually work long hours, my grandparents and uncle have helped me take care of him throughout the years. I cannot even say thank you enough to them and the countless other loved ones. His father and I split up when he was 2. Although it’s been seven years, my son can’t and won’t forget his father. Although I’ve been engaged for almost a year to a good man, my son suffers from depression at times. He feels like his father has abandoned him. It’s hard to explain that his father has remarried and moved on. What is a mother to say? All I can say is I don’t know where he is, which in a way is true. It hurts my heart to see him hurt which is why I allow him to spend a lot of quality time with male role models such as my uncle and grandfather. My fiancé wants to become closer and tries very hard. I see my Jacob coming around in due time. I’m excited to see what the future holds for my son. I imagine he will continue to make me proud!


Claiming the gold!


  1. Adorable little boy you got there! Hated to hear about him being sad about his father. Yeah.
    Can’t his father at least call him everyday?


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