So what’s the purpose of a blog??

OK so after a long day and week, my mom calls to talk about Andre. For those who don’t already know, Andre is my fiancé/significant other. Our week was pretty long. Andre’s grandmother is no longer with us as of yesterday and he had a health matter he had to take care of today. Thankfully he is fine! However it is always very sad to lose a loved one, especially if they meant a lot.

I gave my parents the link for my blog the other day. My mom says the blog is good but asks me why I’m doing it? What is the purpose of it? Why am I not writing for a magazine and making money? I said I started writing again because my childhood friend/neighbor, Ryan suggested I write for his e-zine. I said OK what the hell? I also said to myself why not try doing a blog too? Millions of people do it so why not get back into writing?

Guys, I’m not sure if I mentioned it before or not but I’ve been writing stories (off and on) since I was about 6 years old. I won a writing contest in first grade and wanted to continue writing (well for the most part since then). I’ve also enjoyed sales since I was a kid too. I have a bachelors degree in journalism from New Mexico State University.

I wrote and edited my college newspaper for two years and took part in two newspaper internships before and after college. After my son was born, I freelanced for different publications for awhile. After about two to three years of freelance work, I didn’t want to write anymore. I was bored and felt like I didn’t have anything to say. To be honest, I think I was depressed because of the relationship I was in. He was in and out of jail, stayed out all night most nights, etc.

I took care of my son for two years and pretty much gave up writing. I worked at different call centers, along with a casino in Albuquerque (yes close to the Breaking Bad set). Although I took several years off because I felt like it, I’m back at it! I felt like I didn’t have anything to say for years! Let me tell you this though, I went through a lot! Eventually I’ll open up about it.

I enjoy writing about living in El Paso, along with the people and places here. This is another reason I started a blog. I eventually want to continue writing a book about real life events in a desert. I promise you there’s more to the story, that’s just a very brief synopsis. So my readers, I leave you tonight with this question/thought… What is the purpose of your blog and/or blogging in general in your own words?

P.S. Thank you for reading and following my blog. Another note to myself, I know I’m with the right man because he tells me to keep writing and following my dreams.


  1. Write when you feel like it because you like it.

    My sister asked me that not too long ago. Everyone has their own particular reasons. I think for some people, it’s like a diary. I’m working on my reason because it’s easier for me to write a manuscript than it is my blog.

    I just found your blog through Ritu’ s blog-beque. I’m I’ve only been to ElPaso once but the mountains are beautiful.

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  2. What is the purpose of blogging? Is that like asking what is the purpose of life? The purpose of humor? The purpose of creativity? The purpose of art?

    The great thing about blogging is that it can be whatever you want it to be — just like art. And if blogging makes you feel good, then that’s enough purpose, don’t you think?

    Unfortunately, the vast majority of artists don’t make any money from their work. Some bloggers hope to make money, and some bloggers even ask for money, but I don’t think blogging is about money. It can be about influence, maybe, but that’s for people with a lot of followers — like Facebook God. He started a campaign to raise money for a pro-gay billboard in an anti-gay city and was successful. It was great. 😀

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  3. My entire adult life people have been telling me to stop being a starving writer/artist. I’ve tried conforming to the standards of society many times and it brings me nothing but needless stress. I’ve reached the point in my life in which I believe I am not meant to do anything other than create. I write for the sake of writing. It brings me far more satisfaction than any 9-5 job ever has. Yes, money is a factor in modern society but it should never be the main motivator. Writing itself is the reward. Everything else that comes from it is secondary. I know such a philosophy seems hopelessly romantic but it’s what gets me through the day to day. Write for the sake of writing. 🙂

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