Today Marks 20 Year Anniversary of Tejano/Pop Super Star Selena’s Death


Tejano singer/pop star Selena Quintanilla Perez was shot and killed on March 31, 1995 in Corpus Christi, Texas by her fan club president, Yolanda Saldivar. Selena was only 24 years old when she lost her life. Selena had recently crossed over into the American/top 40 mainstream pop music scene prior to her tragic death. Here are a couple of her lesser known songs that are still some of my favorites today, “Donde Quiera Que Estes” (Wherever you are) and ‘A boy like that”, a song she sang from the popular “West Side Story” musical.

Selena, the movie based on her life and music career, is still enjoyable to watch for me and my family. The movie was a turning point for Jennifer Lopez’s music and acting career. J-Lo played Selena very well. RIP Selena, you will never be forgotten.

Donde Quiera Que Estes (Wherever you are)

A Boy Like That (West Side Story song)

Dreaming of you, a popular top 40 song

Selena’s last performance in El Paso on Aug. 6, 1994, Courtesy of El Paso 411, Osaple

1994 Grammy Awards- Photo/Story courtesy of People Magazine

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