OK I Really Need to Stop Playing!

By Lisa Amaya

Another busted NCAA men’s basketball tournament bracket! I was hoping Kentucky would remain undefeated this season. At one point in the tournament, I was tied for third place! I never would’ve guessed Duke, much less Wisconsin would be in the NCAA men’s basketball final. If I wouldn’t have tried, I’m sure Kentucky would’ve won. Luckily the bracket only cost me $5 so no biggie this time at least.

The second round playoff game between the Dallas Cowboys and Green Bay Packers is a different story. My foolish self bet a co-worker’s friend, well let’s just say it was enough to pay rent and then some! I really thought my Boys would make it to the Super Bowl! Romo, Murray and Bryant were playing very well throughout the season. Not this year but maybe next year, even though Murray is gone. I’ll be honest and confess, me and my son spent that cold January day crying and sick with a horrible stomachache. I didn’t even feel like going to work the next day and I don’t think I went in. I was both embarrassed and sick. My co-workers know I am a diehard Cowboys fan so I already knew what to expect.

Even after that heartbreaking game, I spent a couple of nights after work gambling at the casino. Depending on traffic, it’s a five to 10 minute drive from my house so it’s at times very tempting. I was disappointed I lost on the Wheel of Fortune and fishing slot machines.

I still buy scratch off lottery tickets here and there whenever I put gas in my car. I’m fortunate I usually win enough to buy a soda or candy bar. Go me, I haven’t bought a lottery ticket in about a month! I think I’m pretty much finished with sports gambling, well until I’m not sure maybe next year? I’ll be watching the NBA playoffs pretty soon but there’s no betting involved there.

Whether I gamble or not I love sports and always will. Gambling just makes watching sports 10 to 100 times more intense, depending on whose winning of course. Despite all of my losses, I’ll always be a loyal Dallas Cowboys, San Antonio Spurs and Texas Longhorns fan! I’m an NMSU Aggies fan at heart, even though they aren’t a power house. I’m happy they made it to the first round of this year’s NCAA tournament. The Longhorns also made it into the tournament.


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