El Paso Author Self-Publishes 21 Books to Date, Starts Online Magazine


By Lisa Amaya

El Paso author Ryan A. Loera stays very busy with writing electronic books (e-books)/books and magazine pieces for his new online magazine (e-zine), “Orangutan Spin.”

Loera recently self-published his latest book “Fragrant” on lulu.com The web site describes the book as an experimental novel based on factual truth and change. Loera’s latest book costs $14.50.

“I usually write about all things pertaining to human existence. I just find the entirety of existence very intriguing. People really fascinate me, Loera said.”

Besides writing and publishing e-books/books, Loera recently founded “Orangutan Spin.” The e-zine features poetry, short stories, articles, reviews, art and recipes. It has already been downloaded hundreds of times so far. It’s also earning a lot of positive feedback from readers. The e-zine’s title originates from a dance move Loera created in eighth grade.

“It (the dance move) never caught on because I was the only one in my school who could do it, the 31 year old, said.” Loera has been writing since he was 9 years old. Goosebumps and Fear Street series author R.L. Stine inspired Loera to write and distribute stories to his classmates in elementary school. His classmates enjoyed his stories and encouraged him to keep writing.

Loera recently created a Facebook page, blog and podcast for “Orangutan Spin.” At the present moment, the e-zine doesn’t have any advertisers or sponsors.

Although Loera writes and publishes the majority of the content for the e-zine, he also receives submissions from writers and artists. Loera is always looking for submissions and donations to pay for supplies and contributing writer and artist pieces. He recently set up a Go Fund Me account.

Within the next few weeks, Loera plans on starting a poetry group called Poets Encouraging Poets (PEP).

“The main objective is to encourage poets and writers of all levels. We eventually plan on having meetings once the group has at least six or seven members, he said.”

Although Loera is originally from Pasadena, Calif., he plans on staying in El Paso for different reasons.

“I want to help build and establish a stronger arts community. El Paso is home to so many talented writers, musicians, poets, film makers, artists and other creative people! Unfortunately, most of them are too often overlooked by the mainstream. I’ve lived in other cities that have a thriving community that support the arts on a regular basis. I see no reason why El Paso can’t have the same.”

Before moving back to El Paso, Loera played the role of a starving musician in Florida.

“I had lots of fun creating and playing music with awesome musicians. Unfortunately it had to end. I moved back to El Paso in 2006 and gradually worked up to becoming a semi starving writer.”

Loera also plays the guitar in a local rock band called Revolt. The band is in the process of recording a demo. Loera said music is ‘just another creative outlet for him.’ He also sells various paintings and drawings he creates.

Loera’s work and other links can be seen at: http://www.loera.jigsy.com and http://www.lulu.com Loera avidly posts on his Facebook pages.

Photo of Ryan A. Loera courtesy of Facebook/Ryan A. Loera

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