Blog Party Weekend from April 10-12! Party Extended Throughout This Week!


Please feel free to continue posting throughout this week! The party has been such a success, I couldn’t put a stop to it. Come by if you need to vent, relax, need some company and/or want to continue to meet some new friends and fellow bloggers! The party will continue through next SUNDAY! Thank you everyone!

This week has been extremely hectic, stressful and long for me! I would like to unwind and meet new bloggers, along with interact with my new blogger friends/followers here 🙂 Please feel free to introduce yourself, your blog, location and what you write about, perhaps upcoming projects, etc. I hope we can all meet new people and have a GREAT time! Feel free to spread the word on your blog as well/reblog this post. Cheers and bottoms up! Feel free to bring your favorite anything! Since I started the party, I’ll go first. My name is Lisa aka L. My blog is called Life of an El Paso Woman. I was born and raised in El Paso, Texas. I enjoy blogging about the people, places and things in El Paso. I plan on having more guest bloggers, interviews, reviews and investigative pieces. If you’re on Facebook, please feel free to like my page, Life of an El Paso Woman. Thank you and I hope to meet new bloggers and party with my new friends/ fellow bloggers here 🙂


  1. Hi Phyllis! Thank you for bringing this party back to life! 🙂 Welcome and make yourself at home! There’s still lots of time to PARTY! Enjoy!


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