In Honor of 4/20, 20th anniversary of “Friday” will be Featured in Various Theaters on Monday

One of my favorite movies! Bye Felicia!

Casting Calls And Auditions

In honor of 4/20 and the 20th anniversary of the film “Friday,” a special director’s cut will be shown in 400 theaters nationwide for one night only..

The film starred Ice Cube as a young man who loses his job and spends a memorable day with his pot smoking/dealing friend Smokey, played by Chris Tucker. It spurred two sequels, “Next Friday” and “Friday After Next.”

‘Friday’ movie coming back for 4/20

Chris Tucker, left, and Ice Cube starred in the 1995 film "Friday."

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It’s popularity has continued throughout the years, perhaps most famously in the phrase “Bye, Felicia,” which is now a part of pop culture.

The phrase has become the ultimate way to dismiss a person or an idea and is based on a scene in which Ice Cube’s Craig and Tucker’s Smokey reject an attempt by Felicia, played by Angela Means, to borrow a car…

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  1. One of my favs. First time I saw it I thought “I’m glad I don’t live in the ghetto.” My friends then tried to convince me that El Paso is the ghetto but I insisted otherwise.

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  2. Yeah he was funny! I only like the first Friday. Ice Cube is coming to El Paso in July. I REALLY want to go! I also want to see Straight Outta Compton in August.

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