ISIS Training Camp, Cell Allegedly Found Near El Paso, Mexico

Judicial Watch and Now the End Begins blogs/magazines said an ISIS camp is being operated in Anapra, Mexico, near Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. An ISIS cell is allegedly located in Puerto Palomas, Mexico. Puerto Palomas is near the New Mexico cities of Deming and Columbus. Mexican officials and federal law officials allegedly found documents in Arabic and Urdu, along with Fort Bliss plans during a joint operation last week. Muslim prayer rugs were allegedly discovered.  “Coyotes”, those who engage in human smuggling into the U.S., allegedly work for Juarez Cartel and help smuggle ISIS terrorists through Texas and New Mexico deserts, according to the two blogs.

Mexican intelligence sources said ISIS allegedly intends to exploit nearby railways and airports in Santa Teresa, N.M., which serves as a U.S. Port of Entry. ISIS is allegedly conducting reconnaissance of regional universities, White Sands Missile Range in Alamogordo and other government facilities, along with nearby electrical power facilities.

According to the El Paso television station, KVIA, the allegations were denied by U.S.Congressman Beto O’Rourke via his Facebook page.

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