Our Food Truck Date

The dirty bird from Kurbside Kitchen
Dessert empanada from Sunny's Cuban Rican Empanadas
Dessert empanada from Sunny’s Cuban Rican Empanadas

By Lisa Amaya

A food truck frenzy has hit El Paso hard in recent months. Around 400 food trucks operate around town on a regular basis. Me and Andre wanted to try something new and different to eat last night. We attended the food truck gathering in west El Paso at Title Max , 7601 North Mesa. I couldn’t decide whether I wanted to eat Thai, American or Mexican food. There was about 20 food trucks to pick from! I finally decided on flautas (skinny rolled tacos) from Tap on Wheels, along with a dessert empanada (turnover) from Sunny’s Cuban Rican Empanadas. I also had a sample of Andre’s dirty bird sandwich from Kurbside Kitchen.

It was a toss-up on whether I liked the dirty bird or empanada more. The dirty bird had a delicious and original taste to it. The chicken breast had the right amount of buffalo sauce. It was sandwiched between two Belgian waffles and a couple of tasty bacon slices. A side of maple syrup was included. I know it may sound like a hot mess but it really wasn’t. The fries also had a great flavor to them. They had a good amount of salt and seasoning on them. The dish was $10 and worth the price. Kurbside Kitchen is also known for its shakes but we didn’t try one…not yet anyway.

Athough Sunny’s also serves meat empanadas and other Puerto Rican dishes like arroz (rice) and cafe (coffee), I was more interested in tasting the dessert empanada. I’m glad I tried it and now wish I tried the arroz and cafe as well. The empanada reminded me of a dessert quesadilla. Instead of only cheese, the dessert empanada included a fruity jam paste and cream cheese mixed and fried together in dough. The dessert is greasy but it’s pretty small so I figured no biggie. The small dessert was $3 and worth every penny.

The flautas from The Tap, a downtown bar and restaurant, didn’t taste bad but they weren’t anything out of the ordinary for me. The rolled tacos were smothered in guacamole and sour cream on top of a pile of lettuce, along with a slice of tomato and purple onion. I also bought an agua fresca of lemonada (iced lemonade) from Tap on Wheels. It wasn’t bad either, not too sweet or sour. The flautas and lemonade were $11.

Total we spent $25 (Andre spent $1 on a soda), so about as much as a chain restaurant and a little bit more than fast food. I’ve always been a strong supporter of shopping and eating at local businesses as much as possible. This was a great occasion to do so! I know for a fact, I’m going to have to come back for round two.

Next time I visit, I would love to try Sunny’s other dishes, along with some Thai food. Oh and one of my favorite bars in town, Clasico was also at the gathering. Their micheladas (beer mixed with lime and hot sauces like chamoy) are excellent. My favorite beer of theirs is a Bud Light mixed with chamoy, diced mango and lots of crushed ice. You can select any kind of domestic or Mexican beer.  Round two coming up in the next couple of weeks.

Photos by Andre


  1. Sounds delicious! I just watched a movie last night about a chef who decides to operate his own food truck. It’s titled Chef and stars actors like Dustin Hoffman, Scarlett Johansson, John Leguizamo.

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