Rapping, Meatball Lady “Rosie” from “The Wedding Singer” Passes Away


VH1.com reported earlier today, “Rosie” from “The Wedding Singer” passed away at 101 years old. Ellen Albertini Dow starred in “The Wedding Singer” alongside Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore. “Rosie” was known as a rapper /piano instructor who gave meatballs away to Adam Sandler. During a celebration, she rapped to “Rapper’s Delight” in the movie.

Dow also made appearances in the movies,  “Wedding Crashers” and “Sister Act.” If you feel like laughing and reliving the 80s, I highly recommend watching “The Wedding Singer.” The movie also has a pretty good soundtrack that includes Dow’s rap, The Police, David Bowie and much more. The soundtrack has two separate parts. I couldn’t stop watching the movie or hearing the soundtrack when they first came out in 1998.

Dow appeared in various 90s sitcoms including “Seinfeld” and “Family Matters.”  May she rest in peace.



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