El Paso’s Neon Desert Music Festival Coming Up in Two Weeks

Neon Desert Lineup
Neon Desert Lineup

Guys I’ll be honest, I’ve been trying for months to get interviews with some of the performers but no luck :(. I was very interested in talking with Cypress Hill, J. Cole and Kaskade  the most. If I happen to hear back, I’ll definitely post it. Local ska and punk rock band Fixed Idea have an original and great sound to them. Please check out their music on Sound Cloud if you have the time.

I would say Neon Desert Festival is probably the second largest festival in El Paso. The first would be Sun City Music Festival, which is held at the beginning of September during Labor Day weekend. I would say both festivals somewhat resemble Austin City Limits and in a way Coachella. Although they don’t have the same artists or size, the festivals continue to grow in popularity every year.

Latino 90s hip-hop group Cypress Hill is best known for their hits, “Insane in the Brain” and “Tequila Sunrise.”  Throughout the years, they performed with several acts such as Ice Cube (I’m excited for the movie “Straight Outta Compton” this August. He will be at the Tattoo Showdown in July), Snoop Dogg, House of Pain, Fergie and several alternative rock bands. Although they’ve been nominated for Grammy Awards, they have yet to win.

Hip-hop artist J. Cole has quite a bit of mainstream radio play. He’s known for his songs, “She Knows” and “Power Trip”, along with several others.

My favorite mix from House DJ Kaskade is “I Remember” which is a collaboration with deadmau5. His album “Strobelite Seduction” has some excellent beats as well. Kaskade has also been nominated for Grammy Awards but has yet to win.

Both Cypress Hill and the DJs I mentioned aren’t strangers to the Sun City. A great place to listen to the artists is on Pandora Radio and of course YouTube.

Here’s the Neon Desert lineup for this Memorial Day Weekend in Downtown El Paso’s Cleveland Square. Tickets range in price from $75 up to $650 for VIP. They can be purchased online at http://www.neondesertmusicfestival.com or at the gate. Neon Desert’s Facebook page also has some good info.

Photo Courtesy of Facebook

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