I LOVE SoundCloud!


OK I’m going to admit it, I’m now a SoundCloud addict! The phone app has allowed me to listen to music from various local artists such as ska/punk rock band Fixed Idea (Fixed Idea will be playing at the Neon Desert Music Festival here in town two Sundays from now) and hip-hop artist Zyme One (I have a pending interview with Zyme One). I also found a local evening radio show called Consensus on 1340 a.m. A couple of my Facebook friends initially mentioned the show in their newsfeed and I’ve enjoyed listening to it so far. The show is listed under kviv1340 on SoundCloud. El Pasoans Jaime O. Perez and Nico Camargo host the show Monday-Friday at 6:30 p.m. Mountain Standard Time.

KVIV 1340 La Victoria is a local Christian radio station in Spanish. Consensus is the only radio segment in English on the a.m. station. Mr. Perez and Camargo discuss various El Paso issues such as today’s city council and school board election. They’ve interviewed various political candidates along with up and coming local musicians/talent. The show began in March.

On the show, Nico described himself as a musician and promoter for Chuco Town Productions. Mr. Perez ran for various political offices in El Paso. He also writes in a political blog called “Wake Up Call News.” The two also discuss their latest project/local venue, La Chancla Bohemia, which began in April (it loosely translates to the Bohemian sandal or flip-flop). They encourage local musicians and talent to perform on Consensus and/or La Chancla Bohemia. Those who are interested can reach out to them via their Facebook or Twitter page.

Photo courtesy of Facebook


  1. I use every opportunity to point people to the things that matter to me – you never know who else might find it that could use it in some way. If I had the time right now one of the avenues I’d search is music for movies. So often I hear music through part or movies or at the beginning or end that I think my music would be a perfect fit, but that is another project I’d have to find time for. But maybe someone else would hear it who would think the same thing – if I got so lucky 😉


  2. There are two pieces on the post I sent you but I think there are about 26 on SoundCloud. Put on headphones ( it surrounds you better) close your eyes and put your head back and listen to where it takes you.

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  3. I know what you mean. I have found some great artists there. so many good artists don’t have a record contract. It’s great there is a place for “unknowns” to gather their own following. You can find me at sonni-quick 🙂

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