My High School Classmate RMLLW2LLZ is Doing Great things in Life



OK readers I promised you this interview some weeks back so here it is!

If you’re like me, you sometimes wonder what happened to so and so after high school ended. There’s been times when I’ll take a look at this dusty, red velvet yearbook from 1999 or 2000. I’ll read what classmates wrote in my yearbook. I’ll look at the pictures and ask myself, “What the hell was I wearing?”

This month will be 15 years since me and RMLLW2LLZ (Romell Weaver) graduated from East El Paso’s Americas High School. Romell was a popular student who played football and ran track. I was a very shy runner on the track team and yearbook/newspaper staff. Romell is originally from Racine, Wisconsin, a city that’s tucked between Milwaukee and Chicago. He ended up in El Paso with his aunt Mernia in 1998. He came to El Paso to start a new life from his troubled past in Racine.

“My moms wasn’t having that so my brother and me were told to pick an aunt. I chose my aunt Mernia in El Paso and the rest was literally history.”

He added “Yup I graduated in that awesome class of 2000! We were the first for everything!”

I don’t remember if I sent Romell a friend request first on Facebook some years back. I was curious about what Romell was doing with his life in Louisville, Kentucky these days. His Facebook posts are usually about his music, concerts and most importantly his family. His posts caught my attention since we became Facebook friends. I finally asked him about his music a couple of weeks ago. He was eager to share his music and career with me, along with his future goals and plans.

“I actually started freestyling with my older cousin Maquan (Allah rest his soul) when I was six. He used to babysit my brother and me. He was always rapping, we’re talking 1988 here lol. Hip-hop was on a quick rise by then. My cousin always seemed to be enjoying himself whenever he was doing it. I just wanted a taste of that happiness that it still gives me today.”

According to Sonic Bids, Romell has 10 different titles in his discography section. He released his LP, “Concerto No. 9 Movement 1” in January. He is currently working on his next project, which is set for release this year. Romell collaborates with various musicians. He performs at different venues in Louisville and other cities throughout the United States. I asked him if he plans on doing a show in El Paso and this is what he had to say.

“El Paso is definitely on the list! So all You Americas alumni and anybody who wants to rock wit me, when I set the date to be there.”

He said the following about his music. “I describe my music as ‘movement music.’ It’s music to ‘move to’, be it for entertainment, political reasons, love, anger, even passion. I just want it to inspire people to action.”

“I rap about you, me, life as a whole from my perspective. I try to give you me because we have problems we often think are the only ones with those problems. The truth is, there are always people with the same problems or worse. So if I can give you a few words of encouragement or help you through this situation in any way, then my music has served its purpose.”

“Before I go I would really like to say if you really believe in something then fight for it the best way you know how! Take action!”

Photo courtesy of Romell Weaver


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