Check Out “Jerry’s Joint” Webisode

Check out El Paso comedian Jerry Karnes ElMalkreado’s  third webisode, “Jerry’s Joint.” The webisode was featured on social media on Wednesday. If you hate weed or nasty stuff, this webisode isn’t for you.


This is a t-shirt  he’ll be selling around town. Video & design courtesy of Jerry Karnes.




  1. Ha ha ha. I like that. There’s only been one cop that’s ever been nice to me. He was super sweet and let me go. I have a friend who’s a cop and she’s cool too. I know they have a hard job though.

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  2. Pretty funny. 🙂 I’m so glad they revealed that the “cop” was doing an Irish accent, because I wondered. And I like his Better Call Saul t-shirt, and the Chuco design, but I’d rather have one that says:

    COPS: Confiscating Other People’s Shit. 😀

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