The Bus Trip -It’s Taps in El Paso

A post about a fellow blogger ‘ s trip in El Paso.

Art by Rob Goldstein

Lindas Estas Borracheras Lindas Estas Borracheras


The newest arrival at the Hostel in El Paso is a 35-year-old Aussie named Peter Lapis.

Peter convinced me to join him and a few other dudes at the Ramada Inn to drink brews and cruise chicks.

The other dudes are a German, nicknamed the Viking,  a Brazilian, Miguel, and a Frenchman, Craig.

The thought of going to the Ramada Inn for anything struck me as perverse; the thought of going to cruise chicks and drink brews seemed excessive.

The feeling I had as we made our way through the sleet and wind of El Paso that night was one of camaraderie.

Peter passed me a blunt and the fetters of gay identity and middle age slipped away.

It was Friday night.

We entered the lavishly orange lobby of the downtown Ramada Inn and commandeered an elevator to the bar.

We lined up and ordered our…

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