Meet El Paso Spiritual Counselor, Psychic Medium Lady Diana Calamia

Some crystals inside the shop.
Some crystals inside the shop.

I’ve always been told by some family and friends not to ever get a tarot card reading or cleansing because it’s bad. I’ve heard it’s bad because it says not to do it in the Bible. I’ve heard it’s part of the devil’s evil work. For my family and friends who have been telling me this for ages (you know who you are :)), I didn’t speak with Lady D to get a tarot card reading or cleansing that April morning/ afternoon. I wanted to talk with her because friends have spoken highly about her and I can see why.

She is a very positive and down to earth person, someone I felt very comfortable being around. She is a believer of positive thoughts creating a positive life, along with asking the universe for help. She is also very good at reading people’s energy. She told me I smelled like roses and two elderly ladies were watching over me. Ironically, the day I visited her was Andre’s grandmother’s funeral. My father’s mother died when I was 17. She said I was a good person but sometimes held doubts about myself in life.

“You manifest what you think about the most, Lady D said.”

“I’ve been doing it about 30 years professionally… I’ve done hundreds maybe thousands of readings.”

Although Lady D has lived in different parts of the world, she is a native El Pasoan. She isn’t sure if she wants to relocate in the future. She’s attended numerous workshops and trainings for her clairvoyant abilities. She began her training while she lived in England. Her ex-husband was in the military and stationed there.

I was a bit skeptical to talk with Lady D in person but I wanted to do it anyway. I’ve been called stubborn many times in my life and I am! I’ve always been the type of person who has to learn things

A shrine of peace
for myself, whether the situation ends up being a good or bad lesson. Family and friends, first of all, I’m alive and well! The lesson I want to prove here is not to judge something or someone before getting to know who or what the person stands for. Reading and learning about things has always been a great way to keep an open mind and gain your own perspective.

Lady D is well-known around El Paso and worldwide. She’s appeared at several events around the country, as well as on local radio programs and news. She’s helped families locate missing family members. Her husband, Joseph Calamia is retired from law enforcement. He is a psychic who also helps families locate missing loved ones. She said people usually hear about her by word of mouth. Lady D is also known for attending functions at places that are said to be haunted around town. El Paso High School and Monteleone’s Ristorante are said to be a couple of places, so is Concordia Cemetery (I featured Concordia in a previous post).

Although I drive by El Paso High often, I’ve never been inside. Monteleone’s has some excellent pizza and lasagna in a speakeasy/mobster setting. We usually like sitting in the casino room to eat. Although many claimed it’s haunted, I’ve never experienced anything paranormal… and that may be because of Lady D. According to a 2013 El Paso Times story, Lady D cleansed the restaurant by placing amethysts in the kitchen to ward off evil spirits. She also burned sage and copal in a censer. However, the owners, Gary and Laura Monteleone told the El Paso Times some of the ghosts were/are ‘their guardians and friendly pranksters.’ Monteleone’s was featured on the Syfy Channel’s “Paranormal Witness” in 2013. Lady D’s shop is across the street from the Central El Paso restaurant. Lady D said in the story, the restaurant was built on the grounds of a spiritual nondenominational church, which allowed spirits to enter.

Outside Monteleone's
Outside Monteleone’s

“I’m not here as a joke, I am very serious about what I do, Lady D added.”

While I was at the shop, Pam Dillow came to visit Lady D twice. Lady D continued talking with me the first time Pam came by. Pam said she enjoys visiting regularly because she feels like a calmer person after she speaks with Lady D.

“I feel like negativity comes off of me. I want to keep my good energy. I feel better coming especially after a doctor’s appointment, Pam said.” Pam said she also purchases different stones to make her feel better. Lady D shared a couple of stones with me to attract money and success.

Between June 5-7, Lady D will assist her good friend, Sherry Whitfield with workshops at her shop, 512 San Marcial and at The Gardner Hotel, 311 E. Franklin in downtown El Paso. The workshops pertain to The Ancient Crystal Skull, Synergy. Whitfield has appeared on the History Channel’s “Ancient Aliens- The Crystal Skulls.” Whitfield and Synergy were also featured at various events and festivals around the world. According to Whitfield’s web site, Synergy offers incredible energy. It’s also known as the “skull of joy and laughter” or the “laughing skull.” The skull weighs 15.5 pounds. It’s the size of an adult human skull. The skull isn’t real and appears to be made out of glass/crystal. For more info, feel free to reach out to Lady D at 915-820-2387.

Outside Lady’s shop. Monteleone’s photo courtesy of Facebook.



  1. I really like this: “for myself, whether the situation ends up being a good or bad lesson. Family and friends, first of all, I’m alive and well! The lesson I want to prove here is not to judge something or someone before getting to know who or what the person stands for. Reading and learning about things has always been a great way to keep an open mind and gain your own perspective.”

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  2. Yeah I got a tarot reading done last October. It was at a Halloween thing for knotts scary farm. My friend and i decided to do it for fun laughing about it, but the lady was pretty right on for the both of us. All good though 😊

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  3. Awesome! I once had my Palm read back in 2008. It wasn’t a thorough reading because it was free. But the woman told me that I was a healer in more than one past life and that I have great mental abilities. Since then I’ve researched a lot of things like chakras, telekinesis, meditation, crystals and the power of positive thought. I’m a very open minded person but I don’t accept something as fact just because someone tells me to. That’s the main reason I’ve never bought into the hype surrounding most religious institutions. They impose way too many limits on mankind. I could go on and on but I’ve expressed my views more thoroughly throughout my books and other things I’ve written.

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