Thank you!


Thank you to my 200 + followers! I really appreciate each and everyone of you for following my blog, your comments and liking posts. I’ve met so many great bloggers and friends in my three + months here. Keep writing everyone and thanks again for your time! πŸ˜€


  1. I just wanted to let you know how terribly sorry I was to hear about the shooting in El Paso. Hope that no one you knew was hurt but I know that the whole city will be mourning. In my thoughts and prayers. K x


  2. True! I enjoy my day job but I find it liberating when I blog. I like that you can do it at anytime, from anywhere and in your pjs even! It’s time to get ready for my day job now. Have a great day!

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  3. Oh ok I see what you’re saying! That’s very true and a good point. Yes I agree, it’s been a great experience here! I’ve met so many good bloggers from all over the world. I also learn new things all of the time. I think it would be great if this was my full-time job!

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  4. I think when I started my blog, I was thinking only my family would read it and maybe some friends. I just didn’t understand how WP worked and that others could follow and read you. It was completely new to me. So in that sense… strange when people I didn’t know began to follow and read. It has all been great. I just prefer WP to FB as I find it more interactive.

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  5. Thank you Cheryl! Yes I agree, it’s wonderful that others read what I write. How come you think It’s strange? I like Facebook because most of my friends & some family use it. I’ve never used/had Twitter. I’ve never had an interest in it. I see it as a social media site for celebrities. I’m not really an Instagram fan either.

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  6. Isn’t it strange but wonderful when you realize people might actually read what you write? The blogging world is a very welcoming one and that has been both a great surprise and a relief to me. (as I am not such a FB fan) Congrats to you and well-done! Cheryl

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