We’re only SIX days away from the new “Orange is the New Black!”


Warning: Spoilers and adult content are included below.

After waiting a year and a few days, we’re finally six days away from season three! The 26 new episodes will be on Netflix on Friday, June 12. A year ago, we left off with tons of drama and the death of the rotten prisoner, Vee. Pop Sugar reports some common themes in season three will be faith and motherhood…and of course tons of drama! The web site says Alex (Laura Prepon) will return and Jason Biggs (Larry), Piper’s husband, won’t be in season three. That can most likely mean Alex and Piper’s affair will continue. However, a new prisoner played by Australian actor Ruby Rose is expected to have feelings for both Alex and Piper. This could mean another love triangle for Piper! If you remember from previous episodes, Larry was having an affair with his wife’s best friend. I’m pretty sure he will return in season four.

Thankfully, you won’t be seeing much of Pornstache in season three. He’s a disgusting character I can’t stand. Two additional characters who will be added to the cast include Mary Steenburgen (Pornstache’s mother) and Mike Birbiglia. It’s unknown which role Birbiglia will play. Perhaps he’s a priest or corrections officer. Based on a trailer, it looks like most of the same characters will return.

If you’re like me, I can waste a full day or night watching the program! I think $8 a month for Netflix is a very reasonable price. There’s tons of other good programs and movies. I’ve felt like I’ve wanted to pace myself so that I would have some episodes left to watch. Don’t feel too guilty if you happen to watch the show in a day and two hours. Season 4 will debut in 2016.


  1. I can’t wait! I’m tempted to call in from work lol. I’ve never seen Wentworth. Is it on Netflix? I like jail shows too, even the ones they show on Discovery Channel and National Geographic.

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  2. Since you said “spoilers” I didn’t read the post but I am sosososossosososososo excited and can’t wait to see more. As you can tell, I am slightly addicted to the show. Have you watched Wentworth as well? I am a bit of a jail junkie. Cheryl

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