Ciudad Juarez wants to Make the Largest Burrito, Margarita this Weekend


In an effort to bring tourism back, Ciudad, Juarez wants to make the largest burrito and margarita this weekend at the 2015 Food Expo. The expo will be held at the Plaza de Mexicanidad. A big red X monument stands here. Juarez is said to be the birthplace of the burrito and margarita.

According to the El Paso Times, the burrito is expected to be more than one mile long. The participants hope to break a world record and get into the Guinness Book of World Records. La Paz, a Mexican state in Baja, California holds the world record for the largest burrito made so far. Their burrito was a mile and a half long and weighed 12,785 pounds. It was made in 2010.  The margarita is expected to also break the Mexican record of 250 liters. Juarez’s margarita will be 300 liters. The largest margarita in the U.S. was made in Sacramento, Calif. in 2012. The margarita was 39,747 liters.

Event organizers expect about 20,000 to attend the event. Attendees will be able to taste the burrito and margarita with their paid ticket. Tickets are 90 pesos per person, (about $6). The festival will also offer cooking workshops, international guest chefs, food tasting booths, rides and entertainment. The event will take place from noon to midnight both days.

Photo courtesy of Google Search. Stats courtesy of El Paso Times.


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