Lou Diamond Phillips to Play Serial Killer Richard Ramirez in New Movie

Variety reports Lou Diamond Phillips will star in the independent film, “The Night Stalker.” The movie’s production will begin this summer. The film will incorporate Ramirez’s history of violence, along with a fictional narrative. The narrative centers on a prison interview between the aging killer and a lawyer asking for a confession from Ramirez in order to save another man from death row.

Ramirez was born in El Paso in 1960. He attended El Paso’s Jefferson High School but dropped out in 9th grade. He was convicted of 13 murders, along with various other crimes in the Los Angeles and San Francisco areas. He died of B-cell lymphoma while on death row in 2013. I recall the obituary running in our daily newspaper. Some of his relatives may still reside in El Paso, I’m not sure. I remember some readers complained about the obituary being published. Readers wrote letters to the editor saying the obit shouldn’t have been published because of who he was and what he did.


  1. My Mom went to school with him. He sat behind her in English class and pulled her hair until she complained to the teacher. Eventually, he stopped going to class. True story.


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