Under the Weather…TV & Movies

Hello everyone! I haven’t been on much lately. I’m ready for a break from work! My tooth is really bothering me as of yesterday. I bit into a pretzel and CRUNCH! I lost a part of a filling. I was supposed to see the dentist today but their office staff was incompetent. I came home from work swollen with a fever. I’m not one to complain about pain but damn today is an exception. The dentist staff said I don’t have insurance but I do! I’ve had the same insurance for five years! Onto the next dentist! I’m hoping I can go see one ASAP!  At this point, I’m even tempted to go to Juarez.
On the plus side, I finished watching Orange is the New Black in five days. What did you all think? I thought it was a good season but not as good as the previous two.
I took my son to watch “Jurassic World” at the IMAX theater on Saturday. We enjoyed it. I’m currently watching “Lee Daniels’ The Butler. ” I’m enjoying it so far. Almost time to catch some zzzz. I have another early sales meeting…if I make it out of bed. Have a goodnight everyone!


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