Piña Loca & Snacks


My tooth is still hurting very BADLY but I couldn’t resist a trip to El Chavo on my way home from work. I was craving a piña loca (crazy pineapple) snack. The pineapple is cut up into to medium-sized chunks and includes chili powder,tamarind (tamarindo) and chamoy (gooey, bright red chili). I’m thinking of adding some alcohol to it? Nah! I’m just going to take another Tylenol PM tonight. I also got some chocolate and strawberry filled churros and a coconut snow cone. Weird dinner and snacks huh? What are some of your favorite snacks?


  1. True! Too big! I left in 1983, and didn’t look back! As a child, we would take off to El Paso, and the Rio Grande area and camp at Big Bend Nation Park. Great memories! Beautiful area!

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  2. Chili?? God, that sounds awesome! I’m originally from the Houston area, and have never heard of this. El Paso! Here I come! ( one of these days…. ) Thank you for sharing!

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  3. amaya911, Oh no no no!
    I remember the jellybean!
    Not popcorn either!
    Chocolate or hot sauce? Good lord! I just add salt is all.

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