Boo to today!


OK guys just one more picture of Donald Trump LOL. This piñata has become a big hit (pun intended?) near Mexico City. You know guys, I’m usually not one to whine and complain, especially on here but today I feel like it.

I’m very glad it’s Friday but at the same time I’m pissed off I didn’t go to work. I went to the dentist instead. She cleaned my teeth but it hurts like a… well beep beep! She did not have a single word of good news today. I need four that’s right FOUR fillings and a bridge! I knew I needed the bridge for awhile now but come on four fillings? I was about to cry but I didn’t. She wasn’t able to fix my chipped tooth today either. She also told me to give up chocolate and Gatorade! Lady, are you out of your mind? The Gatorade is no problem but chocolate isn’t going away. Yes, I may have to cut back A LOT but is it completely leaving my life?…NO! Guys, believe me I brush my teeth twice a day but I might have to invest in an electric toothbrush and floss A LOT better going forward. I think I will just take some Tylenol PM in a bit and feel sorry for myself while I sleep.

Tomorrow is another day and I’m sure it will beat today’s turn of events. Everything tastes so awful after you have your teeth cleaned! Boo hoo! July 11 will definitely be another miserable day in my life. I’ll get the fillings and OH I forgot one more thing… I have to have a wisdom tooth pulled out as well! On the plus side, thank Goodness I have decent dental and sort of decent health insurance. Hasta mañana or later people :/ Maybe but hopefully not, my grandpa said I will probably need dentures in a few years. NO WAY is that going to happen!

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  1. Uhh! I’ve heard when someone has a dream about their teeth falling out, they are worried about money. I once dreamt I got in a fight and my teeth got knocked out. Lol eww.

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