Magic Mike 2


OK so who’s brave enough to admit they’re going to go watch it? I’m not sure if I want to waste my time and money on this one. Sure, the men were nice to look at in the first part but the plot was beyond stupid and boring. It mainly revolved around drugs and nice looking men. To be honest, I almost fell asleep because it was pretty bad. The only reason I had fun watching the first one was because it was a good excuse for a girls night out with a friend from middle school.

I asked Andre if I could go watch the Thunder from Down Under and/or the Magic Mike shows when they come back to El Paso. He said yes but his bright blue eyes said NO! Hey if he went to Twin Peaks with his aunt recently, it’s only fair for me, right? Just kidding guys, I don’t have any desire to go and watch these silly shows anymore. I’d rather spend my money on a pair of shoes or another Lego set for my son.

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  1. I think those series of movies had a good mix of eye candy and nice cars! This made the movies appeal to both sexes. I think they made too many of them but a couple of them actually had decent plots. People went crazier for them after Paul Walker’s death. Please please do not make a third Magic Mike, Hollywood! Of course they will if this one brings in millions which it probably will.

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  2. I know women who would watch the Fast & Furious movies and when I’d ask them why, they’d start listing cast members-Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Tyrese, Dwayne Johnson. Then they might say the cars. Never once mentioned the story or plot-they would say, “what story?” lol Again Eye. Candy.

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  3. Lol thank you! All they did in the first part was sell pills, almost get busted and show/shake their abs at drooling women. This continues throughout the whole movie. I’m not even sure why I expected anything more but I did. Lol.

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  4. I know quite a few women who are going to see it, but it must be strictly for the eye candy. Haven’t heard any of them mention anything about “story” or “plot.” Eye Candy wins a lot of battles. Kudos to you for staying strong on this one lol

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