NO not my babies!


I call Andre’s toy (I guess it’s mine too), the Flying Saucer. It works pretty well at cleaning and vacuuming the floor. Happy Friday everyone! No work for me today. I’m finally going to the dentist, tear! I wish I was taking a day off to have fun but not today. Maybe I’ll catch a movie or go back to bed.  I miss my son! He’s been spending time with my grandparents lately. He’s been out of school for a few weeks now. He enjoys his days with my grandparents going around town in the bus or having his friend come over and play with Legos and the sprinklers. Yesterday and today are supposed to be the hottest days in El Paso this year , 104 and 105 degrees! They don’t call it Hell Paso for no reason at all!


  1. Big Boy would like one of those. I think he’d sit on it or lay on it so it would move him around so he wouldn’t hafta exert any effort on his part. what a lazy cat.

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