Ted 2


I’m excited to watch it this coming Friday, June 26. I still enjoy the first one every single time I watch it. The first one is a good movie to watch after a long, tiring day and/or crappy day. The movie still makes me laugh very hard. I like some Family Guy episodes but not all of them. Seth MacFarlan (the creator of Family Guy) plays Ted. You of course recognize the same type of MacFarlan humor in Ted. Both are definitely not for children. I’m guilty of allowing my son to watch Family Guy when he was smaller because he didn’t understand the jokes. No WAY is he allowed to watch it anymore. Thank Goodness he’s completely lost interest in Family Guy. I’m also surprised and grateful he hasn’t asked me to watch the first or second part of Ted. The answer would be NO!

As I’ve mentioned before, I don’t have a problem with weed. I never have and I never will. I know this picture shows Ted drinking a beer but weed is his favorite. This is a little off topic but another movie that still makes me laugh to this day is Napoleon Dynamite. What movies do you enjoy watching to cheer you up after a long day? Which new or any movies for that matter do you want to watch? Boo, tomorrow is Monday so that means it’s back to the grind! Have a great Monday and week or at least try your best to do so! 🙂

Photo courtesy of Google.


  1. I really enjoy seeing both the Jump Streets! They’re SOOOOO MUCH FUN!!!!
    I blog about movies so well you can check it out for my views on other movies too!! 🙂

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