Ted 2 Offers A Lot of Laughs

Although Ted 2 wasn’t as funny as the first one, it still offered me plenty of good laughs. According to Time Magazine, Ted 2 ranked in at third place in ticket sales on Friday. Inside Out and Jurassic World were in first and second place. I’ve grown to like and appreciate Seth MacFarlane’s perverted and weird sense of humor throughout the years. I wasn’t a huge Family Guy fan at the beginning. MacFarlane loves to push controversy and write jokes about subjects people usually don’t talk about in public. His jokes typically revolve around drugs, porn, sex and even 9-11. I admire him because he isn’t afraid to to say exactly what he wants to say. His comedy is typically raw and unfiltered. He isn’t afraid to put these ‘taboo’ topics out there. I understand his subject matter is inappropriate for children. I obviously don’t recommend most of his programs for children. Some of his earlier work for the Cartoon Network is kid friendly. Ted 2 had a good message throughout the movie. Despite being a stuffed teddy bear, Ted wants to be legally accepted as a human being. His life becomes a nightmare when his state and hometown, Boston (by the way I LOVE the Boston accent!) annuls his marriage to Tammy Lynn. He is also unable to become a parent by adoption or from a sperm donor. The state begins to recognize him as a piece of property. With the help of his best friend and a rookie attorney, Ted sues the state. Things of course don’t end there. New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and Morgan Freeman play some hilarious roles. I was laughing throughout the entire movie. If you’re into Comic-Con, you’ll appreciate Ted 2. Although I’ve never been to one, I am always up for experiencing new things and events in life. Two of Andre’s friends played extras during the Comic-Con scenes. Attending Comic-Con is now on my to-do list! Do I think the movie was worth my time and money? Yes! I recommend watching it, especially if you’re up for laughing a lot. Please keep in mind, MacFarlane’s humor is usually weird, dirty and raunchy.


  1. I haven’t seen Ted 2 yet…. Look forward to it….. I don’t follow Family Guy much, a few episodes here and there that’s it….. So I ain’t that deep into McFarlane….

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  2. I’ve heard this movie is in the league of those movies which did justice to their prequel……
    Of course the list is headed by 22 Jump Street, which according to me outdid its sequel with an almost same storyline 🙂

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  3. You’ll like it. I’m not really into his other shows except for Cleveland. I like him though. Today I read he almost died in one of the 9-11 planes. I didn’t know that!

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  4. I look forward to seeing this movie. I’ve been a Family Guy fan since day one. I know most people think Seth MacFarlane just likes being controversial for the hell of it but they don’t bother to pay attention to all the underlying truths in his jokes.

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