Fargo and House

OK so I went from The Brothers Grimm to Fargo and now House! The Brothers Grimm was a no-go. I couldn’t get into the movie after 20 minutes so I had to turn it off. Good looking men like Matt Damon and Heath Ledger couldn’t even keep me watching! I’ve never seen Fargo so I decided to watch it and wow! I think I made a good choice! I can definitely see why the movie was critically acclaimed and nominated for a variety of awards. I can’t believe the movie is based on a true story! The movie is so gruesome but it’s very well written and played out. To me, a good movie is when it continues to linger on in your mind for hours or even days! I can’t stop thinking about this movie! I can’t believe a slimy car salesman tried to have his own wife killed for money! I’m still shocked at the plot and deceptive things that took place in the movie! I really admired Detective Gunderson. She was sharp and quick witted, despite being seven months pregnant. If you haven’t seen it and have an hour and 38 minutes to spare, watch it! The movie is on Netflix.

House and Hugh Laurie are two of my favorite people and things in this life! I still haven’t seen all eight seasons yet! I used to watch the reruns whenever they were on Cloo or USA. This is going to sound crazy but I will mention it anyhow. I sometimes asked for a day of vacation from work so I could stay home and watch House all day! I’d watch the House marathon Wednesdays on Cloo. I would literally stay on the couch and watch it for 10 or so hours. If you ask me, that sounds pretty crazy and silly nowadays! I would ask for the days off before it was on Netflix. I own a couple of seasons. I haven’t purchased the box set because they’re all on Netflix. If Netflix takes them off of their service, I’ll buy the six seasons I’m still missing.

I planned on going to see him perform in Santa Fe a couple of years back but it didn’t happen. I wonder if he would actually give me an interview on this blog someday? I found his publicist’s contact information recently. I typically live by if you don’t ask, the answer will always be no. One of these days when I become braver, I’ll email him and/or call him. Well what the hell, I have nothing to lose if I do it today ;). I’ll let you all know if I hear back in the days or even weeks to come…or not. Oh Gosh I am kind of nervous! It feels like I’m in high school all over again, 16 years old and shy! I think I’ve asked but I will ask again anyway, What are some of your all-time favorite TV shows and movies? If you could interview someone, who would it be and why?


  1. Oh yes, I’ve heard of the Fargo show. I’ll have to check it out sometime. I’m sure Netflix will be in India in the future! It’s pretty inexpensive too.


  2. Brothers Grimm indeed was a promising movie that turned out to be disappointing, Fargo is truly a masterpiece of cinema…. and no it is not based on true events, that’s just something the Coen Brothers did for fun 😛
    House is just brilliant, I haven’t seen much a few episodes of the last season, they’re all stand along episodes luckily 🙂 But many of my friends are HUGE House fans, in fact one of ’em has decided to become a doctor after following House!
    If you like Fargo the movie, I’d recommend you see the show too! It’s considered to be one of the best movie to TV spin-offs, or one of the best spin offs in general…. and just like the movie this one got nominated for and won a ton of awards too!
    (Unfortunately I don’t know if it’s on Netflix or not…. WHY CANT THEY EXPAND TO INDIA!)

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  3. I’ve never seen Alias either. Two other shows I still like are Law and Order and Sex and the City. A guilty pleasure of mine was Jersey Shore lol. I’m not sure what I was thinking when I was watching that one. I found two emails to reach him. One bounced and the other one went through. The one that went through was a contact in London. I read he’s touring with his band in Turkey. I’m not sure if that’s recent or not. The new Terminator looks good! I’ll probably go and watch it. I never go by what the reviews say.

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  4. Lost was one of those TV shows that I couldn’t wait to see every week. And I could watch reruns over and over again and not get bored. It only ran for 5 years and the final episode sucked, but it’s really my favorite of all time.

    The Next Generation is not like other Star Trek series — I mean, Patrick Stewart is awesome. He’s not only a great actor, he’s a really nice guy.

    I forgot to mention Alias with Jennifer Garner, also one of my favorite TV series.

    As for the new Terminator, I guess I’ll wait and see what the reviews say. The first two were spectacular but the ones that followed were just okay, although Christian Bale in Terminator Salvation was pretty good.

    So, you already got a response from Hugh Laurie?

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  5. Yes! I really admired the detective in Fargo. I’m still watching House! This show never gets old! He’s a pretty good musician too. I didn’t really like the ending to Orange is the New Black this time around. It was alright but could’ve been better. Now we have to wait another year for season 4! Sigh! Star Trek is alright, I’ve never seen Lost. Are you going to see the new Terminator? I’ve asked for interviews before and they usually say no because I’m not the New York Times or Rolling Stone lol. That’s alright, at least I got a response.

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  6. Loved Fargo! Not so much for the story, which was gruesome, but for the intelligent and strong female lead. And of course House is probably my favorite TV series. As a chronic pain patient, I learned so much from that show. And Hugh Laurie is fantastic in that role. I really hope you get a response. I would love to read your interview with him.

    Let’s see, other favorite TV series… LOST and Star Trek, The Next Generation. It’s been so long since I followed a TV series, although I enjoyed Shameless and Orange Is The New Black (need to catch up on those two).

    Movies… Alien and the first two Terminator movies, also because of strong female leads. Linda Hamilton and Sigourney Weaver kick ass!

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