The Response from Hugh Laurie’s People

Good morning everyone and Happy Monday! It’s not my favorite day but what can you do? I’m here at work on my break trying to wake up still! Yesterday I wrote a post about being a HUGE Hugh Laurie and House fan. I spent my day off from work watching House. In my post, I wrote about pursuing an interview with him. I found two e-mail addresses for his publicists online. One was in the U.S. somewhere (most likely Los Angeles) and the other one was in London. The e-mail I sent to the U.S rep. bounced back to my e-mail. The e-mail I sent to London gave me a somewhat WEIRD response!

I’m actually surprised some of his people responded to my e-mail anyway. The company in London thought I was asking for an autographed photo of him! They said I would have to mail in a request via snail mail using U.K. postage? Yeah, like I really have stamps from the U.K. lying around in my house? They said if the postage wasn’t from the U.K., my request for an autographed photo would be denied. Sure, an autographed photo of him would be GREAT BUT I want to ask him questions and see what he is up to. I found a Hugh Laurie fan web site and they have additional addresses. I am going to try going through them. Well at least I got some response. I think I will see if I can find any additional contact information for him. I’ll keep you all updated.


  1. Woo thank you Ritu! I’ve never received this one! Congratulations to you as well! I still haven’t put the other one you nominated me for. I will do it VERY soon!


  2. Great post. Yes Hugh Laurie’s people placed between the unreachable star and someone who wants a meaningful exchange. Even an autographed photo is almost impossible. Have you tried the IMDB as they may have an agent’s address. Also have you tried asking them to forward an email to him. That often works. I know these guys need some protective barriers but these publicists are often so busy protecting and organising their clients that they forget who their clients owe their success to. You and I.
    All the best and good luck. Kris.

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