Fourth of July in El Paso


Today was a nice and relaxing day with my little family.  I woke up feeling pretty sick this morning. I took some OTC meds but I was eventually out the door. My son and me went to the movies to see “Inside Out.” It’s such a cute movie! A couple of parts made me tear up! I recommend it to adults and children alike.
After the movie, we went to buy groceries. After, we went to a barbecue at Andre’s mom’s house. My absolute favorite dish were the bright orange habanero peppers Andre grew in his backyard garden. The chile was extremely hot but delicious! Andre added cream  and cheddar cheese inside of them. Damn! My mouth was watering but in pain! At the same time, I couldn’t put it down! The steaks, salad and dip were delicious as well!
After dinner, we went to see fireworks. Even though it started raining hard,  the show continued. We watched the fireworks inside the car. I enjoyed them so much! Now, we’re all just relaxing in peace. I love days like this!
Days like today will all be cherished memories for good! My son’s 9 and eventually he’ll grow up. He’ll want to be with his friends and have his own life. Goodnight WP and I hope everyone had a great one! I’m ready for some zzz.
Tomorrow is the Women’s World Cup and chore duty.


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