Messy people aren’t actually lazy – they’re efficient workers

I’ve heard they are also more creative. What do you all think?


  1. Ha ha ha. It’s hard being around people who are constantly mad. I get moody myself at times. I just stay away if that’s the case.


  2. She may make a face, but she doesn’t tell me to clean it. It’s hard to tell-she usually is frowning as a default.

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  3. My boss says that a messy desk is a sign of a busy person-so when she sees my desk is covered in piles of work, she knows I’m busy. Too bad my immediate supervisor doesn’t necessarily see it the same way.

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  4. Lol 20 yrs of paperwork! Lol my boss’ desk looks like that. I won’t touch it though. Mine gets like that after I cleaned it 2 days before. This lady boss I had was mean like a drill sergeant! She would give me all of these papers and just to be a biatch, I would purposely throw them in the recycling bin in front of her. At least I was recycling?

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  5. I once had a boss who’s desk looked like that. He said it was organized just the way he liked it and he could find anything he was looking for at a moment’s notice. One week when he was out of town, I went to work and filed all the paperwork. Some of it was over 20 years old! When he returned, he had a fit! He was like, now I’ll never be able to find anything! Of course, that wasn’t true. Most of the paperwork he never looked at or even tried to find. Every couple of days, he would make more mess, and I would again file it all away. I was the best damn secretary he ever had. 🙂

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  6. Ha ha ha! My desk at work is always a mess. I clean it before the weekend but it doesn’t last. I once had a boss and she would tell me to clean it. She was ridiculous lol. My new boss doesn’t care.

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