Working with Females

I’m sure some (or if not most) work at jobs with mostly females. Is it just me or is it different from working with men? I sometimes wonder why women are so mean and vindictive towards one another? Why can’t females just get along with one another and help each other out? Why do people resort to being hurtful and bringing one another down? I’m not saying all women are like this but it happens. Some jobs feel as if you’re back in high school or even elementary school! Some people still have a lot of growing up to do. I’ve always held jobs in sales, call centers and freelance writing gigs. The writing gigs were great because I worked from home and worked on my own time. I agree a 9-5 isn’t for everyone but you do what you have to do in order to pay those bills, buy food, things, go on vacation, support children, etc.

There’s been instances when females pretend to be your friend in the work place. Once you let your guard down, BAM! They try to get you fired, take what isn’t theirs, disrespect you, etc.! Are some people so miserable in life they want to hurt others? My conclusion is yes! I’ve always tried to help others out especially if they ask for it. At the same time, I don’t put up with bullsh*t either. I don’t allow people to walk all over me. People also tend to get upset when you call them out on their BS. They act as if it’s your fault. A lot of women also LOVE to gossip about others who aren’t in their group/clique. It also seems like people become jealous when you outperform them and take your job seriously. My parents always raised me to take any job seriously (whether I like the job or not), even if it’s flipping burgers or picking up dog sh*t.

In my experience, working with men usually seems to be more productive and laid back. Men usually don’t start drama or want to get you fired. It seems like men want to make the work day run as smoothly as possible. I’m sure some enjoy the drama but not as often as women. It seems like a lot of women want to plot against others any which way they can, unfortunately. What has your experience been like in the workplace? Have you dealt with anything like this in the past? Have you ever made friends at work? Based on previous experience, I try and just keep to myself from now on and leave. I’m not going to lie, I am guilty of thinking about work way too much when I leave the office. I am going to work on that from now on. I am going to start leaving work in the office when I go home.


  1. I think it might depend on what type of job you work in. I work in media sales in an office setting. It’s rough and extremely agressive. Co-workers pretend to be your friend but they really aren’t. They’ll take your accounts, talk behind your back, etc. I now just keep to myself, work and get out. My friends don’t work with me.


  2. My experience has been mixed. In one workplace, a candy factory back in the days when men’s and women’s work was segregated, the atmosphere among the women was toxic. It may have been among the men as well–I couldn’t say. But in other places, that hasn’t been true.

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  3. The great musical My Fair Lady brings up this point exactly! Me, personally, I’d like my female coworkers to keep their “drama” for the stage!

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  4. Thank you for your comment, Velcherup. Men have always been easier to work with. I’ve rarely had female bosses. I’ve maybe had three. Two of them were fine and the other one was awful. She made life at work more miserable. Male co-workers have always been better though, more laid back. I have a male boss now and he’s nice, very approachable, easy to work for.


  5. Yes most of the time unfortunately, Tessa. Thank you for your comment and for following my blog :). I think they’re nicer to men for whatever reason.


  6. I am glad I came across your post, I am having this thing with my female boss and I can just rant about it all day long. Not in general but I can say this for my boss, she is a work stealer and hates anybody who outsmarts her. She expects everybody to help her but she never stands up for the team when required. This is just her but in general I prefer to work with men rather than women(exceptions are there but…)

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  7. As a only male working in a department of women, I find it to be fine overall. Other than when they use me as the ‘straw man’ when they complain about their husbands or significant others when they talk about what men don’t do right, it’s ok. I don’t really have any problems with the women that I work with overall.

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  8. I do think it is different to work with females and I have had both positive and negative experiences while doing so. I think it really depends on personality and is a question of finding those females you “gel” with and are similar to in likes, interests and work style. Once you have that, you are set. If you don’t, it can be more challenging. As a primary teacher, I mostly work with females and have found that similar interests and work ethics really help to build relationships at work. I avoid those who seem too gossipy and negative.

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  9. Really?? In what way? Maybe because you’re male they act differently towards you. If you were female, it might be different.


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