UFO Reportedly in El Paso Last Month

The news has spread around the Internet and Texas! The San Antonio Express-News, along with Secureteam10 say two El Paso residents saw a UFO in the form a black cube on June 29. This isn’t the first time others in El Paso claim to have seen UFOs here. Secureteam10 posts videos on YouTube and various social media web sites.

According to Secureteam10, an El Paso man left his office at around 1 p.m. for lunch. He said it began to get very windy. He noticed the center of some swirling clouds became “jet black.”

When the man snapped the photo, a massive, cube-shaped UFO appeared, “jetting out of this worm-hole type manifestation,” according to Secureteam10.

“I am personally at a loss for words because this thing is mind-blowing,” the narrator continued. “Not only do we not know what it is — Is is it a craft, is it an entity from another dimension, is it a probe sent here from a higher intelligence in another galaxy?”

Do you believe in UFOs? Here is the YouTube video. What do you think?



  1. Wonder if it had anything to do with the military base over there, Fort Bliss? It’s nothing new. I heard a lot of stories about ufo being in El Paso.

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  2. Ha ha could be! I thought it was funny when I saw it the other day. I forgot to post it until today. They’ve been mentioning UFOs being in El Paso lately.

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