How to Blog Successfully: 10 Tips


  1. Yes! I think she had some good tips though. I like how she says to be yourself. This blog allows me to be honest and write about whatever I like. I know my followers enjoy what I write or else they wouldn’t comment, like or follow. I think some smaller blogs I’ve read are better than large ones. It’s all a matter of what one’s likes are.

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  2. So, we’ve both been successful. 🙂 And neither of us used the number of followers (or likes) as a way to gauge success for our blogs, even though WordPress stats are used in that way. I prefer not to depend on other people to determine the “success” of my blog — I like to define and determine that myself.

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  3. Good answers! I would say you’re doing very well with your blog. I’m not a pain patient but I enjoy your blog. To be honest, I was helping my childhood friend, Ryan with his blogs. He asked me if I wanted to write for his blogs and I said yes. I wanted to do my own blog for fun and here I am. I’ve been a writer since I was 6. I took about a five year break. I quit writing in 2010 until now. I hope to start freelance writing again. I’ve asked to write at work but I guess I have to bother them more lol. I write small ads Monday – Friday. I see my blog as practice. I’m glad I get some feedback from here. I’m also glad I get to interact with bloggers from all over the world. It’s turned out better than I planned. I’m learning a lot everyday and I’m making friends too 🙂 I’ve always wanted to write a book. It’s in my head still. I hope I start it in a few years; hopefully by the time I turn 40. Lol.

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  4. Success would be achieving a goal. One of the goals for my blog was to help other pain patients. I think I’ve helped at least one, so I call that a success. Another goal was to incorporate Art and Awe Therapy in my pain management routine. But it’s not very much fun if no one sees my photos except me. So, my blog has been successful for me because I get to share my photos, which gives me the incentive to keep practicing this type of therapy.

    Another goal for my blog is to help pain patients understand how the drug war affects our access to treatment. I don’t know if I’ve been successful with that or not. I’d also like other pain patients to understand that those who suffer from drug addiction are not to blame for the war against pain patients. Again, I’m not sure I’ve reached that goal.

    Now it’s time to tell me what the goals for your blog are… 🙂

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  5. People define success in different ways. Frankly, I wouldn’t know what to do with so many followers. I prefer to get to know the people who follow me, and include their interests in the things that I post. And if I had so many followers, I wouldn’t be able to do that. 10,000 followers, holy cow, it sounds like a mob… I’m getting stressed out just thinking about it.

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