Minions Mania!


I was very excited to take my son to watch The Minions this afternoon. We were both laughing throughout the movie. I would say this Minions movie has been the best one so far. I enjoyed the Despicable Me movies but this one is my favorite! The movie is a prequel to the others. It has a great cast that includes the voices of Sandra Bullock, John Hamm (the star of Mad Men, one of my favorite shows), Steve Carell and Michael Keaton. According to the movie, Minions have been around since the time dinosaurs were alive. Their purpose in life is to work for villains.

They accomplish their goal. The movie mostly takes place in London, along with other cities such as Orlando and New York City. Three Minions (Bob, Kevin and Stuart) attend a Villain convention in order to find work. They begin working for Scarlet Overkill. Her purpose in life is to become the Queen of England. She hires the Minions to help her with this task. If you speak English, Spanish and French, you’ll pick up on the Minion language quickly. The movie takes place in different time periods. However, the most common time period is the late 1960s, 1968 to be exact. The movie makes references to various 60s musicians such as The Doors, The Beatles and Jimi Hendrix.

I highly recommend the movie to people of all ages. Did anyone else catch the movie? If so, what were your thoughts? The Minions above are the ones my son has collected in the past couple of days from McDonald’s . They supposedly cuss but all they do is laugh.Β I’m willing to guess there will be an additional Despicable Me movies.

Photo by Fernie Ontiveros.


  1. Thanks! Also, sorry for following today. I thought I started following you since you started. 😳


  2. Oh cool! I just saw it on your blog. I think my son would enjoy trying it. Thank you πŸ™‚ Thank you for your comment and for following my blog. I think I’m going to reblog your minion post too!


  3. I really enjoyed it! Also, I posted some instructions for an origami minion, maybe you and your childs can give them a try!

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  4. Where I live there is one that’s just a few miles away but isn’t that great, so we drive little over an hour to another one that is just amazing and always have a great time. My son is 5 years old and will be 6 very soon. Yeah I noticed with my sons that after hitting it a few times we got the laugh and then the cursing but it doesn’t do it that much just laughs a lot lol.

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  5. Aww neat a drive in theater! There has been one of those here in around 25 years. How old is your son? Inside Out is cute. We saw that one last weekend. I just hear them laughing. I’ll listen again. Thank you for your comment πŸ™‚


  6. We just took our son to the drive in to see Minions and Inside out on 07.12.2015 and he absolutely loved both of them. We all laughed so much during Minions, it was such a great movie and the ending left my son with his jaw dropped lol. Such a great movie and I think everyone should see it.

    My son also is collecting those toys too! He loves them and the caveman does curse if you listen, but to a kid you they can’t understand it, he just thinks it’s their language lol.

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