Baby Brianna


Yesterday was the 13th anniversary of Baby Brianna’s death. I couldn’t stop thinking about her today or yesterday. Baby Brianna Mariah Lopez was a beautiful five-month old baby who was severely abused by her own parents and family in 2002. She was born on February 14, 2002 in Las Cruces, New Mexico. Her parents and family were accused of throwing her up in the air and not catching her, pinching and biting her, putting clothing in her mouth so they wouldn’t hear her cry and even sexually abusing her. Her grandparents knew what was going on yet they did nothing about it. Every time I hear about these horrendous acts, it makes me very upset and sad. I can’t imagine hurting an innocent baby who needs love and basic life necessities. The tragedy happened when I was a sophomore in college at New Mexico State University. The community was outraged and devastated.

The following blog below did an extremely graphic post about her death in 2013. The post also includes several graphic photos. I could not bring myself to reblog the post because it may be offensive to readers. If you want to see the post, you can visit The post is titled “The Worst Case of Child Abuse in US History.” It is in the January 2013 archives.

In 2005, the “Baby Brianna Bill” was passed in New Mexico. The bill made child abuse resulting in death a first degree felony with a minimum sentence of 30 years in prison. The maximum sentence is life in prison. Brianna’s mother, Stephanie Lopez may be released from prison next year. Brianna’s grandparents spent 30 days in jail.

Baby Brianna is buried in a Dona Ana County/Las Cruces, NM cemetery. May she always rest in peace. She will never be forgotten.

Photo, post from above blog.


  1. If she is let out then i hope someone shows her how it felt for that angel baby. How does a parent do that? How do you see an innocent child cry from pain and not do a god damn thing to help. Im so sick reading this. She is with God. And he will have the final justice for her.


  2. I watched the news one day and I saw that a baby was thrown into the trash can when he was born.


  3. You’re welcome. I couldn’t bring myself to post the original post I saw about her in 2013. The pictures are extremely graphic. It has photos of her poor little bruised body.


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