Shopping for a Man

Happy Friday everyone! The week still isn’t over for me. I still have to work mañana :/ I’m not thrilled about only having one day off this week but oh well. That means a little bit more $ in the bank ;). Plus, it will only be for half a day. Anyway, is it just me or is it hard to shop for a man? There are only a few things you can buy a man. Here is my list: Clothes, shoes, cologne, a wallet, a book, a movie, electronics, a bottle of liquor, tickets for an event, dinner, a dessert, a watch…and I’m now out of ideas! What would you buy a man who pretty much has everything he wants or needs? What are some of the most special gifts (male or female can answer) you’ve ever received in your life? Oh I know, how about a pet or something creative? What do you think?

In my opinion, women are always easier to shop for. Personally, I would be satisfied with a new purse or shoes. I can never have too many of either. I would also be happy with tickets to an event. Love and attention are always  great too. I think these gifts should be given out daily, not just on special occasions. Time and the past is something you cannot get back. Memories serve as one of the greatest gifts. Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. We do gift cards and lottery tickets. Not very special, but I remember my family never got me anything I liked. So one year I was complaining and I said you know I love to read, buy me a book. My favorite author was Stephen King. I got three of them for Christmas. Can’t win.

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  2. gift cards. they’re great! they’re always the right size, right colour, right style, etc. I’ve had a number of instances where someone bought me something and I had to “fake” being OK with it. I hate doing that. plus my daughters never know what to get me. gift cards buy me dinner at a restaurant or that music that I want from iTunes and so on.

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