Only 51 Days Until…


My Dallas Cowboys take on the New York Giants! I must admit the NFL Football season consumes my Sunday or Monday morning or evening (depending on what day and time they play). Everything that needs to be done is left on hold until the Cowboys game finishes. If it’s on a Sunday morning, I sometimes enjoy watching the game while eating a bowl of menudo and some francesitos (pieces of French bread to dip into the menudo).

For those who aren’t familiar with the soup like dish, it includes corn hominy and cow intestines in a red spicy, liquid soup. I’m not fond of the cow intestines texture whatsoever but I enjoy the flavor it gives the menudo. Some like to add oregano and onions but I prefer lime and crushed red pepper. People swear by menudo to cure a hangover. The dish is sometimes served on New Years Day and/or Christmas.

Going back to the Cowboys, I’ve been a diehard fan since I was about 4 or 5 years old! I’m happy Dez Bryant is still on the team for another five years. It was a big disappointment De Marco Murray was traded to a team I cannot stand! My least favorite teams are the Washington Redskins, Philadelphia Eagles and San Francisco 49ers…oh and the Pittsburgh Steelers. I’m hoping I can go catch a live game this season with some friends. If not, I’m hoping I can take my son. Either way, it would be the first Cowboys game I will attend. My son is a Cowboys fan just like his mom and the majority of my family. We all know they are America’s team whether they’re liked or hated. Although, they had a great season last year (despite the last Green Bay Packers game), I’m hoping this season will be better than the last season. Go Cowboys! Cowboys for life! They’re just one of those teams every football fan either loves or hates. Happy Monday, everyone and enjoy your day!


  1. He’s so freaking huge. He isn’t quite as big as he was when I first started calling him that. Someone asked what his 40 yard dash time was and I said, Thursday.

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  2. Come on you Giants!! Hahaha!!! That’s a little odd to eat tripe soup while watching football(Soccer)!! I normally break out the doritos, or pizza or chicken!! Along with beer or gin!! Even my nephew(he’s 10!), joined me a few times!!

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  3. A lot of people like Arsenal. I enjoy the World Cup. I don’t keep up with football (soccer) too much but I enjoy it and learned the rules later on in life.


  4. We have 5 days till our league starts…I support Arsenal and fingers crossed they win this season.made some good signings..we beat Chelsea last night so that will give the Gunners a pre season boost as Chelsea won last season…..Up he Gooners 🙂

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  5. Well, I was born and raised in Big 10 country so I watch that first. that and Notre Dame. I do like watching SEC and Pac 12 football as well. I have no one pro team that I jump up and down for.

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