I Still LOVE this Album! This is Crunch Time, Heartbreak and Cleaning Music for Me!

This album played a lot during my teenage years. It still plays from time to time but not as much. It never gets old for me. Seeing Garbage perform with No Doubt was one of the best concerts I went to. It’s a shame Gwen and Gavin are breaking up. Bush was also another good  band I got to see a couple of years ago.


  1. Yes she is. There was an interview in Rolling Stone that ended that crush for me. I won’t go into detail though, but yeah, no.

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  2. They’re all great bands! Sixteen Stone is an awesome album. I like Tragic Kingdom too. Shirley Manson is beautiful but absolutely nuts. Lol. They all put on a good show!

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  3. 😦

    Marilyn thinks it’s a little “suspect” that Gavin named his first son Kingston, the city where he was born.
    When Gwen found out about this after they were married, she wasn’t too happy about it.


  4. I liked the No Doubt Gwen, better than fashion icon, pop music Gwen. I got to see No Doubt just before Tragic Kingdom came out at a small local all-ages club. Bush was a great band, and Sixteen Stone will always be one of my favorites. I also had a serious crush on Shirley from Garbage at that time.

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