Not Everyone Sucks

Great post! He also wrote a beautiful open letter to his wife who passed away recently. May she rest in peace. I wish him and his loved ones peace. I am truly sorry for their loss.

My Friday Blog

Hello dear reader(s)!

Sometimes it is hard not to wallow in the misery that people display every second.  You think to yourself “(Insert name here), are their any good and decent people left on this planet?”  If you answer “No.” to that question, then you are probably not one of the people who are good and decent.  Honestly, what does cynicism contribute?  People screw up.  Some are awful and shouldn’t exist.  But there are people who do the best they can.  I know a few.  I try to be one of those people myself.  If everyone thinks it is hopeless, then nobody tries.  If you aren’t trying, then you are the problem.

Everyone knows my story.  I am very open about it.  Too open, probably.  But I think that someone might be able to benefit from knowing that sometimes you can still get through.  But honestly, my story pales in…

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