I Can’t Sleep!

Hi again everyone! This tooth extraction is seriously annoying me! I am wide awake and in pain at almost 2 a.m. I’m actually thinking about taking a tequila shot to numb the pain some more! I’m Just kidding, I took a couple of Tylenol PMs. My face was swollen on both sides but the swelling is finally going down. The fever is starting to go away too…I think?

On a happy note, I’m excited about planning a getaway to Arizona within the next week or so. Andre and Jacob start school on the 24th so it will be before that date. I really wanted to go to Vegas but Andre wasn’t up for it so we decided on Arizona instead. I realize it’s extremely hot in Phoenix at this time but I am still happy to get out of El Paso for a few days. We plan on going to IKEA (this will be my first time there) to hopefully buy furniture we like. We like different things so that might be a challenge. We also plan on going to The Grand Canyon. I’m super excited about going to both places! I’ve been to Phoenix before. It’s about 11 years since I stayed there. I’ve driven past it in order to get to Los Angeles. I recall people driving very crazy there!

Although Marilyn Manson has always been weird and controversial, me and Andre like his music. I decided to buy us tickets for his concert in El Paso this coming October 28th (just in time for Halloween ;)). I thought Andre would enjoy the tickets as a birthday gift. Although he was in Indiana on his birthday last month, some of our family and friends got together last weekend for a surprise luncheon at one of his favorite restaurants. We had a good time catching up with our loved ones and eating.

I can’t believe it will be six months since I started this blog on August 25! I’m now close to 300 followers. I’m about 500 hits away from 10,000 views! Thank you all for reading along and your support! I didn’t know what to expect! I don’t have any regrets whatsoever about starting Life of an El Paso Woman. I’ve met some loyal and great friends from around the world! It’s also good to know some family and friends also read the blog. I plan on having more interviews, a bit of reporting and most importantly , fun! I think these Tylenol PMs are finally starting to kick in. Good morning!


  1. IKEA. I love it and hate it. Their kid furniture is fantastic. But it takes hours to put together! Shelves and other decor are easier. Enjoy your trek!

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  2. Well… I guess you’ve already done it, but here in India, whenever we have a toothache, or an extraction, like I had for my braces some time ago, apply some clove oil on a small swab of cotton and just stuff it in the cavity… Works pretty well!

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