Gambling…Fun Except for the Losing Part

Lately, I’ve been feeling like playing the lottery and going to the casino near my house. I’ll win a couple of dollars here and there but nothing big. I think the most I’ve ever won at Sunland Park Racetrack and Casino is a little over $100. I think my biggest problem when gambling is not knowing when to quit! The last few times I’ve gone to the casino, I’ve had over $100 in the slot machine. Unfortunately, I end up leaving with ZERO dollars because I keep on saying, OK I’ll stop at $50. Fifty dollars comes and goes…OK I’ll stop at $40…NOPE! I guess you can say I’m kind of a risk taker? Or not! A few of my family members enjoy gambling, especially my grandparents. My grandparents’ favorite hobby is going to the casino on Saturday and Sunday. They’ve won here and there. My grandma has come home with $500 or more from time to time.

It’s sometimes hard living five to ten minutes away from a casino! There are times when I’m driving home from work and thinking to myself, “hmmm, should I go play or not?” I usually stop and tell myself, “remember, you have things to do at home like cleaning and washing?” Other times I’ll go because it’s Friday and I just got paid! I’ve usually paid bills before going. Some of my favorite slot machines at Sunland Park are Wheel of Fortune, Dia de los Muertos and a progressive jackpot cupcake one. I forget the exact name of the cupcake one. My all-time favorite machine that they don’t have at Sunland Park is Sex and the City. I’ve won a few hundred dollars from that one at Inn of the Mountain Gods in Mescalero, New Mexico. I’ve also won from the machine at different Albuquerque casinos. Sunland Park doesn’t have actual poker, blackjack or roulette tables. They only have video game type versions of them.

El Paso also has another casino called Speaking Rock. I don’t really like going there because my odds of winning are worse than Sunland Park. Plus, the casino is too far. The only thing I like about this casino are some of the free concerts and events they’ve held in the past. A couple of free concerts I’ve attended were Korn, Salt N Pepa and a car show.

Although I’ve never gone, El Paso has numerous sweepstakes and Bingo halls. Me and my grandparents are thinking of going to play Bingo one of these days. Do any of you gamble? If so, what is your favorite type of gambling? I have my lucky pressed penny from Disney World I use on scratch-off lottery tickets. Do any of you have a lucky coin and/or object you use while gambling? Is there a special ritual you have prior to gambling? I try and go into the store or casino with a positive attitude! Even if I don’t win, I usually end up feeling happy I had a chance to play. Happy Wednesday everyone and have a great day! Until next time!


  1. What? OK you’re part Irish, hate drinking and have no luck? :/ Yeah the house always wins :/. I don’t go every weekend like my grandparents, only a few times a year. I buy lottery tickets once or twice a month, usually when I put gas in my car. I think of that money I gamble with at the casino as a purse or something for my son. Yes definitely free the weed!

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  2. I’ve never been a gambler, mostly because I have no luck. (What good is it to be part Irish if that doesn’t come with luck?)

    My first visit to a casino was in Atlantic City — and I lost big time. (There really shouldn’t be ATM machines inside casinos.) That pretty much ruined my taste for gambling.

    But what really cemented my distaste for gambling was this woman I used to know who worked in the gambling industry selling slot-machines. She learned a lot about how those machines work so she could be a better salesperson. Although I don’t have the technical language to explain the things she told me, I do know that casinos are one giant scam. (And I really dislike scammers.)

    Gambling has become as socially acceptable as drinking. I also have family who loves to gamble, both at casinos and in the lottery.

    Sure, everyone needs a job, and people should be able to choose their entertainment. Should this country think about what it means to have government-supported, multi-billion-dollar industries like gambling and alcohol?

    It’s better than prohibition. But it stinks of hypocrisy. (And I really dislike hypocrisy.) (Free the weed.)

    Okay, rant over. 🙂

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  3. Enjoy! I will admit that it really is a lot of fun. As long as I always remember that the “house” always wins. If I can afford to lose 20 or 40 here-or-there, I know I’ll have a great time! I just wish I had a better “poker face”. If I get a solid hand, I’m grinning from ear to ear! :^)

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  4. LOL! Great points noted. I spent a few week in Biloxi, MS, during the Winter (in between jobs just to relax), and of course there are about 6 or 7 local casinos in that area! I learned quickly from the “retired community” folk, that you need to get a VIP card so you can get your $5.00 lunch buffet. Then, as always, I would probably lose $10-20 at the slots prior to leaving!

    I never have a “special ritual”, or a special machine I wanted to play, however, it is kind of fun when some of them (machines) light up and start going crazy on you. A lot of people will turn to see if you’ve won the Jackpot! Never my luck….

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