Hello from Arizona!


Hi everyone! It’s been exciting here in Arizona so far! We got here at about 5 p.m. Friday. We briefly stopped in Silver City, New Mexico before heading out to Williams, Arizona. Williams is on the historic Route 66 a.k.a. the Will Rogers Highway. The small city reminds me a lot of Disney’s Cars Radiator Springs.
While in Silver City, we stopped at The City of Rocks in the Gila National Forest. Although it was extremely hot, we enjoyed getting out to walk around and stretch.
Once we got into Williams, we went to Rod’s Steak House. I had steak and Andre and Jacob had fried chicken. The food was decent but the service was extra slow. After dinner, we walked around the peaceful and cool city. I was thinking it would be hotter than El Paso here but it was raining so it has stayed cool. We’re staying in a cute and very comfortable cottage. It was actually less expensive than a hotel or motel here! The people seem to be very friendly here! It’s amazing to hear different languages from around the world in this small tourist town. People from around the world come through to see The Grand Canyon. I’m excited to see this natural wonder of the world shortly! We’re boarding a train in a few hours!
As always, Andre always takes better photos than me! I’ll post some of his awesome photos he took in the next few days. It feels great not to work and relax! I asked Andre if we could move here and it’s a no go! πŸ™‚ Can you blame me for trying? Until next time, everyone!


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