Trajineras, Tacos and Pulque … Among Other Things.

Mexico City is definitely on my BUCKET list! Check out a fellow blogger/El Pasoan’s trip!

Valeria en el mundo

Hi, unicorn-angelfaces! It seems it has been far too long a time since I last posted an entry. That’s because I’ve been super busy doing some adult shit and being responsible …


Just kidding! I was in Mexico City getting fat off the most peculiar tastes my tastebuds have ever encountered and walking the most I’ve walked in my whole entire life … or maybe since I was last in New York.


I loved Mexico City! The food was nothing short of just absolutely amazing; I got to see a couple of very dear friends of mine whom I hadn’t seen in years; and I got to explore a city that has a reputation almost as big as its own size.


Mexico City is HUGE and I do mean HUGE. Very often I found myself reminiscing of New York, for these two humongous cities have some obvious similarities. Although, nothing…

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